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  1. You've Got Nothing either like you Left Wing Asshole buddies. Now Shut the fuck up, DoucheBag
  2. You've got nothing of importance to contribute Testicle Lips so part them with your little dick
  3. If it's another Soros paid State Judge it will present a problem, then on to Federal Court. The only thing that's a farce is Groper Joe running as a Presidential Candidate.
  4. Yep. Time is running short. The evidence will have to go first to state Supreme Courts then possibly Federal Supreme Court
  5. The Porch Monkey did Zero for Black America. Eights years of deceiving Americans. Much like the Corrupt BLM Organization that donates Zero Dollars to impoverished neighborhoods but continues to harbor millions from Soros and Globalists in accounts abroad.
  6. You really are an Unlettered Asshole. You dumb fuck Left Wing Liberals are slated for elimination by the Left Wing Globalists you support. Wait for your death sentence Asshole
  7. Why are you so worried? Groper Joe will save America. After the communists start reducing the population. You could volunteer for that program
  8. Think about this Left Wing Slime. One Dead Left Wing Liberal is one step closer to Making America Great Again!!
  9. There's hope for Left Wing Liberal Animals. End your Life. https://thepostmillennial.com/covid-precautions-begone-biden-voters-gather-to-celebrate
  10. Go hide in your Fucking burrow Shitcake. No one falls for the Left Wing Liberal Bullshit. You Unlettered Assholes don't have a clue what your supporting. Go to Red China and live the Biden Administration Dream
  11. n NO Hiding Biden Campaign Corruption. Children do a Better Job at hiding.
  12. Election Integrity analysts concerned about what is known as supply chain security, the tampering of election equipment during manufacturing as components of the machines are from China. Experts claim the machines are easily hacked. Thousands of votes switched to Biden in Michigan and Georgia so far. https://www.worldtribune.com/dominion-voting-systems-tied-to-clintons-widely-used-in-battleground-states/
  13. https://trendingpolitics.com/dominion-contractor-says-she-witnessed-fraudulent-ballot-count-actions-in-detroit/?utm_source=pushcrew&utm_medium=pushcrew&utm_campaign=pushcrew&_p_c=1
  14. https://trendingpolitics.com/dominion-contractor-says-she-witnessed-fraudulent-ballot-count-actions-in-detroit/?utm_source=pushcrew&utm_medium=pushcrew&utm_campaign=pushcrew&_p_c=1
  15. What a Joke. Fucking Washington Post. LOL LOL. No question it's about overturning the outrageous corruption.
  16. I don't need to tell you shit. You Fucking proud doing time? Did you learn anything from the Crowbar? Should have learned to keep it under your hat.
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