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  1. With it will be Dead Biden Supporters. Your Asshole Candidate can't find his way off the podium. He's gonna stop the virus from spreading? LOL LOL
  2. The corruption we are fighting is overwhelming. A tough task fighting Corrupt Left Wing Elitists who have long been hatching this devious plan to overthrow the President, government, and to destroy America.
  3. WRONG. Where the Fuck do you get your information from? Let me guess, CNN.
  4. LOL LOL You Asshole. You know nothing about Fauci. He's from the old neighborhood, Bensonhurst, home of the Columbo Crime Family. He's rubbed shoulders with Soros and Gates. He's only interested in the fortune he'll make from Moderna. You're a naive little child.
  5. I don't give up posting Left Wing Corruption. I could post 20 more posts a day about Left Wing Corruption if it was allowable, Testicle Lips
  6. You and the Left Wing Are the Losers, The Sore Losers. Couldn't accept defeat on election day so a devious master plan was hatched over a year ago. Nice work Left Wing Criminals.
  7. Pre-canvassing Ballots was done illegally prior to the 7 a.m. requirement by the Pennsylvania Election Law. Then those voters with defective ballots were illegally notified of their defective ballot and allowed to cast a provisional ballot. All illegal in the Pennsylvania Election Law. https://redstate.com/shipwreckedcrew/2020/11/13/naacp-motion-to-intervene-in-pa-lawsuit-presents-evidence-that-state-county-officials-violated-pa-election-laws-n279084
  8. The only Shit Left Wing Assholes are falling for is the take down of American society. Fifty percent of "so called" Americans have no clue the death of America is waiting at the door in the form of Biden and the Left Wing Communists/Marxists
  9. Nothings Hearsay Douchebag. Evidence is documented and lawsuits filed against the Secretary of State for violating the Constitution. The Breakdown of Corruption continues.
  10. The Most Truthful thing he's ever said without Plagiarism. LOL
  11. https://trendingpolitics.com/breaking-michigan-legislature-calls-for-full-audit-of-22-election-cites-voter-fraud/?utm_source=pushcrew&utm_medium=pushcrew&utm_campaign=pushcrew&_p_c=1
  12. You've Got Nothing either like you Left Wing Asshole buddies. Now Shut the fuck up, DoucheBag
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