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  1. Biden is going to build Low Income High Rise Housing in your Maine Neighborhood ASSHOLE. LOL LOL You'll be paying for open borders out of your Janitors Pension. Get those solar panels and E-vehicle now Shitcake. You'll be paying more for fuel than they are in Europe, Douchebag. LOL LOL
  2. LOL LOL LOL You can't hold a candle to my intelligence, Whiskey Delta 2-10-2 đź’¤
  3. One would believe Corruption like this would imprison the guilty persons responsible. The trouble is Judicial Corruption protects them. The million that Soros gave to Left Wing Attorney Generals and State Judges is beyond comprehension.
  4. Good thing your a Janitor. If GroperJoes in, you’ll have a lot of Covid Sanitizing to do Fag Boy
  5. They don’t know it yet but ANTIFA and BLM are pawns for Agenda 21 NWO. They will be eliminated. Their useful existence is over.
  6. I spread the facts. Left Wing Liberal Corruption is everywhere but not reported on Left Wing Media Outlets. Are you naive or an unlettered asshole. Take your pick fruitcake.
  7. He’s going to take away your Military Pension too Shit Face. Oh wait I forgot your a Fucking Janitor
  8. Why would I be on a Liberal Website other than to Humiliate Left Wing Liberals Douchebag? LMFAO
  9. Ok. You don't have to show me. I believe you that your going to make the call and get yourself help. That's a good first step son. LMFAO
  10. You really are a Dumb Little Ferret. Go hide in your burrow. You won't get Covid there, you Asshole.
  11. You're an unlettered child. One day those big boy pants will fit and you'll understand politics and corruption
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