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  1. You're incredibly a Unlettered Asshole. Trump decision to bring in Private Industry to speed up the development of a vaccine was unprecedented. ASSHOLE Left wing Liberals like Groper Joe and Nigger Obama would have counted on the NIH and government to handle it. Could have taken 5-10 years according to experts.
  2. https://redstate.com/nick-arama/2020/11/15/280381-n280381 LOL LOL LOL
  3. https://trendingpolitics.com/detroit-dominion-it-worker-describes-exactly-how-poll-workers-inflated-biden-vote-tallies-video/?utm_source=pushcrew&utm_medium=pushcrew&utm_campaign=pushcrew&_p_c=1
  4. https://www.pastemagazine.com/politics/joe-biden/the-10-worst-things-joe-biden-has-done-in-his-poli/ https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2019/04/joe-biden-inappropriate-touching-accusations-list.html http://www.hideoutnow.com/2019/12/cartoonist-posts-video-of-creepy-joe.html http://economiccollapsenews.com/2020/04/16/watch-17-minutes-of-joe-bidens-brain-melting-away/ https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/09/26/biden-brain-freeze-joe-claims-he-got-senate-180-years-ago/ https://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2020/10/06/joe-biden-were-able-to-stay-in-our-bunkers-during
  5. PUSSYS. THEY FALL TO THEIR KNEES. WEAK AND BEATEN DOWN. THEY GOT LUCKY THE COPS STOPPED THEIR MUCH DESERVED BEATING. https://www.infowars.com/posts/video-enraged-patriots-rout-antifa-blm-after-repeated-attacks-on-trump-supporters/
  6. Sounds like you're as Brain Dead as Biden. You're the fried eggs on the "This is you're Brain on Drugs" Commercial.
  7. All they have to do is take his drugs and Marijuana away and he’ll commit suicide
  8. Nothing like Trump Supporters who respect America’s Institutions. LOL. Balls? Dumb Fucking Unskilled Assholes. Squatman.
  9. Just Factual. Humiliating you is easy. What did the other Janitors call you, Beavis or Butthead? hehehehe was their signature laugh.
  10. Perfect location for low income Housing. Downtown shops, nice homes to rob, women to rape. You are not an Elitist. You will be referred to as a Deplorable or a Peon in the Biden Administration. Illegals and Criminals will have the same rights as you. You're a Biden loser.
  11. I'll say it again baby boy. BLM are not or ever were military. Militia is not Military. Do you Understand now?
  12. He's not building Houses in your subdivision. He's building Low Income Projects there. Unless you're a Left Wing Elitist, illegals will be your new neighbors. They will thank you deeply for paying for their housing, welfare and medical needs. You should lock up your mail order bride though. Some of them illegals are hardened criminals and might want a taste of your bride. Kiss your quality of life goodbye. Rub two sticks together for cloudy days. Propane will be gone. You fit the bill for a Drunken Janitor. You have to be either Brain Dead, a drug addict or a Drunken Janitor to vote for
  13. You're an idiot. They weren't military. They are Militant, belligerent civilians. Don't have Military training or backround.
  14. Incorrect. Most were local thugs with criminal records used for destruction of property, looting and murder.
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