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  1. Scared? LOL She's a Marxist/Communist. Learned the ideology from her Marxist Father. She isn't what she wants black folk to believe. She's half a nigger. The other half dot head. Like pochahantas was telling everyone she had Indian Blood. LOL LOL
  2. You forgot who was doing the Real Crying since the last election
  3. I'm not an Anarchist. They're your buddies and of the Left Wing Shitcakes. They don't discriminate. You've got money, they will take you out. They get paid by Soros
  4. There would be good reason to remove Brain Dead Joe. It will never happen to Trump. Camel Toe should be a snipers target. That would solve a Big problem
  5. The Anarchists will be knocking on your door too, Liberal. You all think you won't be a target. LOL LOL
  6. You are the Fucking Coward. If Biden were elected, a douchebag like yourself would be swarmed by the anarchists. Liberals with money are on the hit list and they don't fucking know it. Be an asshole and vote for Biden, Nit Wit.
  7. Harris could replace Biden via 25th Amendment. Pelosi and Raskin introduced this legislation https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/10/27/trump-kamala-harris-could-replace-joe-biden-via-25th-amendment-3-weeks-joes-shot/
  8. I'll meet you half way anytime. Faggot Liberals in Maine. Bring your water pistol
  9. His killer would be characterized as a Vigilante. Since we've seen just how corrupt the agencies that are suppose to protect us from criminals like the Clintons, Bidens and countless Liberal Elitists, Real America will be waiting if needed. We wouldn't be dealing with this if the FBI and CIA weren't corrupt. Your favorite criminal politicians would be rounded up and fitted with the latest in Prison Attire.
  10. Words from a Faggot Left Wing Shitcake from Maine. LOL LOL I'm not a Left Wing Traitor to his Country like yourself. I'm quite ready when the shooting starts, Liberal Communist.
  11. Liberal Democrats are going to take in the ass, their sexual preference. Joe Biden literally dodged a bullet this time. He won't be so lucky next time.
  12. I haven't heard from a Liberal Democrat in years. They've all fallen off a cliff into radicalism. They have no one to represent them anymore so they cast a vote to Brain Dead Biden and his Radical Puppeteers. ASSHOLE
  13. You're a Douchebag would won't come clean he's a Liberal Dick Licker
  14. You're a spin doctor. Even more justification you're a Liberal. Not once have you indicated your ideologies. You're very confused
  15. I found that quite amusing. Thanks for the laugh
  16. Two different thoughts. Two different sentences. You're not a Federalist. You liked Federalism of decades or even centuries past. I don't care what you've been saying in the past and I never said or implied I am the first to talk about communists or socialists. Again, assumptions as a Left Wing Liberal. You just can't isolate yourself from that identity. I can agree that we teach the younger generation about Federalism but we will never go back to it's early roots. It didn't matter who was in office, massive spending was necessary to deal with Covid-19 pandemic. Ideolgies: Politica
  17. Again, like a Liberal, you made an assumption or you're horrible at sentence structure. You stated Trump isn't a conservative and I don't know what I'm talking about, in the same sentence. Your a Dreamer. The last attempts to go back to Federalism were in the Nixon and Reagan Eras. You got social, education and economic policy to the states in the 90's. Forget about Federalism, start worrying about Communism and Socialism. You're aspirations for America are Pipe Dreams. We as Americans should be very concerned about the taking over of America by Elitists who push the communist and socialist a
  18. I would say two different entities are responsible. Taking down the other site was a gift.
  19. A little History of the man Mclean at age 15 had visions of his father dying, told his grandmother, the next day he dropped dead in front of him. Sister was an alcoholic, drug addict. who ruined his childhood. All of his songs were about loss, psychic pain. grew up in New Rochelle, New York. Upper Middle Class.
  20. Cindy Lu, Sweet Cheeks. Change your Liberal Tendencies. It can be repulsive. I put the .NET in a tailspin. Your Welcome I am the Wizard
  21. Never. I cannot be controlled or herded as Liberals are. I knew you were a half breed from your posts https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=bye+bye+miss+american+pie&view=detail&mid=5611AE1557E653ADC46F5611AE1557E653ADC46F&FORM=VIRE0&ru=%2fsearch%3fq%3dbye%2bbye%2bmiss%2bamerican%2bpie%26form%3dANNTH1%26refig%3d93d6c364cd154d2e874d424c9d0a04cf%26sp%3d1%26qs%3dLS%26pq%3dbye%2bbye%2bmis%26sk%3dPRES1%26sc%3d8-11%26cvid%3d93d6c364cd154d2e874d424c9d0a04cf
  22. Can't Forget this One: https://nationalfile.com/exclusive-source-biden-daughters-diary-details-not-appropriate-showers-with-joe-as-child/
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