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  1. Any kind of Dysfunction is a Left Wing Liberal Defect
  2. C'mon Man. Let me out. "I'm not an animal"
  3. To add to the number of cases, every time an individual is retested, another case is reported. many people get tested 4 or 5 times. Bullshit system.
  4. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/bethbaumann/2020/09/12/zuckerberg-backed-group-was-slapped-with-a-lawsuit-for-election-meddling-in-a-cri-n2576092
  5. Brown Liquid lover. LOL LOL Don't choke on the corn Shitcake.
  6. You're a brown liquid lover. LOL LOL. The slideman slides that tongue down the hershey highway. LOL LOL
  7. The only thing established here is that you're an Unlettered Asshole. Coprophagia is an act developed by Left Wing Shitcakes like you.
  8. You switched to the brown liquid out of your boyfriends asshole. LOL
  9. Communist China Drugs delivered to your door by Globalist owned Amazon. Wait until China starts sending poison in their meds. LOL
  10. You Telling me you support ANTIFA and BLM you Candy Ass GEN X or Y unlettered Asshole? Your page picture depicts who you really are; A little weasel. Have you been in the midsts of the chaos? Of course you haven't. Your a touch guy exercising his fingers at the keyboard. And yes I have broken the legs of a "tough guy" Antifa faggot and the ribs of a "bad ass" BLM faggot. Go douche that stanky pussy of yours.
  11. https://pjmedia.com/election/tyler-o-neil/2020/05/23/is-twitter-trying-to-cover-up-joe-bidens-racist-remark-n420420 https://worthypolitics.com/video-50-years-of-joe-bidens-racist-comments/
  12. He tried to do something with the Old KKK robe his buddy wore. LOL
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