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  1. BEHEAD ILHAN https://redstate.com/brandon_morse/2020/11/19/omar-veritas-n282022
  2. Done before the Electors go to Congress, third week in Dec.
  3. Cases still being presented in State Supreme Court, then on to Federal Court if necessary
  4. https://www.ntd.com/trump-campaign-to-file-major-lawsuit-in-georgia-rudy-giuliani_530388.html
  5. https://www.ntd.com/trump-campaign-to-file-major-lawsuit-in-georgia-rudy-giuliani_530388.html
  6. That's a NY Times Spam report without deduction of corrupt and invalid ballots.
  7. You watch too much Fuck Head News. You have NO clue how much proof there is. Your a Brain Dead Mother Fucker. Don't miss the next episode of CNN Mouseketeers, Testicle Lips.
  8. Baffling. The Left are Jim Jones survivors ready for more Flavor Aid
  9. Results don’t mean shit until Federal Supreme Court rules on all the Left Wing Corruption you Fucking Unlettered Douchebag
  10. Socialist communism being forced on America by Globalist Elitists will be the the death of America. No country in the World thrives under socialist communism. If you know anything about socialism other than what your told by Bernie Sanders and company, and have Experienced it first hand, you would be well aware it means poor healthcare, waiting lists for any type of surgery, grossly increased Medicare taxes for all. Online doctor visits were a temporary scenario due to the overload of cases and infectious security. By no means would it ever be a Good replacement for doctor visits. Eli
  11. Your Opinion. The only remaining American political party left is the Republican Party. The New American Communist party has No regard for American History as we have witnessed for the last year.
  12. You Liberal Assholes will be the New "Peoples Temple" should Groper Joe get elected
  13. Two by Two is looking for a Premature Load in his mouth
  14. Typical Faggot Left Wing Spin Shit. Grow up Baby Boy
  15. Great Place for Left Wing liberal Incineration
  16. Too Overwhelming for your pea brain, small fry
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