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  1. Much higher percentages of Homosexuality in the Left Wing Liberal Population FAG BOY.
  2. Sorry, but you don't meet the qualifications for the position. I don't care about your resume, you Nit Wit. You're a Left Wing Shitcake and I could give a Fuck about your type. Do you support and approve of the actions of Antifa?
  3. You should be a lifer. You could use more prison education
  4. LOL LOL The more you write, the more you drop your draws for an ass fucking. A Dumb Mother Fucker that believes he has a sperm drop of intelligence. Do you support and approve of the actions of ANTIFA?
  5. You never graduated, remember? You're a badass and went to the clinker
  6. You calling yourself a bully? LOL LOL Left Wing Liberal Fag Boys like you, have one purpose; being humiliated by me. Whose on the receiving end tonight Ricky Fag Boy or his Boyfriend?
  7. "You really so stupid" LOL Left Wing Unlettered Assholes like yourself aren't capable of having intelligent conversation. I don't waste my time with your nonsensical gibberish. Let your boyfriend have his way with you tonight. You could use a good ass fucking
  8. You talk a Shit load of gibberish. You'll do yourself some good if you just shut the fuck up now.
  9. "You really so stupid" You can't fix it, Nit Wit. You're a Dumb Liberal Mother Fucker. You're a lost cause, banana brain.
  10. You have a Dick Fag Boy? Testicle Lips maybe. Perfect to latch on to your Gay Liberal boyfriends pencil dick
  11. Fuck you and your recounts Testicle Lips. To Court we must go. Karl Childers? You Fucking Screw Ball
  12. You're a Brain Dead Shitcake and have lost your Fucking Mind as the rest of the Left Wing Assholes.
  13. You don't know who the Fuck I am. Don't even go there Asshole. A Free and Fair Election is not one planned and orchestrated for over a year then executed with Left Wing Corruption. Left Wing Liberals beliefs are the antonym of American Patriotism.
  14. You're an Idiot. Never said or Implied anyone was Elected. Fuck any premature counts. Nothing is concrete until it gets to Federal Supreme Court. You Fucking Liberals think you've got over with your corruption. Not the case. Furthermore nothing is over until it's over
  15. https://creativedestructionmedia.com/investigations/2020/06/23/former-ukrainian-prosecutor-wheres-the-rest-of-the-44-million-bribe-joe/
  16. Left Wing Liberals Perfected the ART of SPIN, Deception and Reflection. Nice Try Buffalo Burger
  17. 15,000 voters also voted out of State https://truepundit.com/15000-nevada-voters-also-voted-outside-state-electoral-college-candidates-claim/
  18. The Supreme Court decides on Appeals. That is how a case can be overturned from an outcome in Federal Circuit Courts and from State Courts.
  19. Rule of Law: Never believe what Left Wing Liberals do or say.
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