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  1. Liberals pick at nonsensical bullshit. They have nothing else.
  2. Trump does have great policies, ideas and foresight. Homophobia and pedophilIa most prevalent in Liberal Circles
  3. Zombie Left Wing Liberals still vote for the incompetent Asshole
  4. Most of the unlettered Left Wing Assholes did just that. No other reason
  5. Left Wing Shitcakes don’t like it when called out and caught with their pants down
  6. https://redstate.com/nick-arama/2020/11/20/282573-n282573
  7. Left wing media and yourself spew from your assholes, Monkey Dick
  8. Bullshit Cubscout. Left wing media omits the truth, spins the truth and fabricates Fake Stories in their reporting
  9. Military or not Jackass, you can’t be registered in and vote in multiple States.
  10. The perfect depiction of your mouth that spews utter nonsensical gibberish. Retired schoolteacher? LOL Janitor technician is more like it
  11. Mr. Health Teacher: What part of the anatomy is this? http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2675/3926049633_a0712b635e.jpg Answer: Your Testicle Lips
  12. You're easy Fancypants. I enjoyed this session of Humilating you. This was a free session. You'll think twice next time one of your Gay Liberal Circle Jerkers summons you to join the conversation. A poor excuse of a kindergarten teacher.
  13. You will never be lonely, testicle lips. You can always snuggle up to the collection of slithering dildos you keep bedside.
  14. Yes you did tell me you were a Gay Left Wing school teacher that taught Health, specifically the Male Anatomy. Antifa are Fag Boys and understand your connection to them. They aren't just vandals douchebag. It's ok for Antifa to assault law abiding citizens, the elderly, women and children?
  15. I've got the RT Weasel on the run from humiliation . Bubba is patiently waiting as you promised him you would be on the receiving end. Don't let him down. He might threaten you with using your collection of dildos for self satisfaction
  16. Ok. So your a total Gen X Asshole. They do constructive things for communities. They love government and America.
  17. Incredible ultrasonic hearing and visual literacy. You forgot to put that on your resume. Pussy Boy
  18. I told you your place is the receiving end of Humiliation. Left Wing Liberals hold the record for being caught with their pants down. Nuclear Family LOL
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