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  1. Exactly. Giuliani is requesting all the outer envelopes. The Left Wing Assholes no doubtedly burned them. That should be enough to cancel all the dump loads of Pre-Printed Ballots and reverse the Election
  2. She's not looking for a puppy. She looks for Big Dogs that give her a political rise.
  3. Pennsylvania Judge Blocks State’s Certification of Election Results (infowars.com) Must See: Pennsylvania State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election — Trump Weighs In (infowars.com)
  4. LOL LOL. You didn't finish drinking the Flavor-Aid from Left Wing Shitcakes either. Red China will make you drink it, no problem.
  5. That would be Groper Joe. Aducanumab is taking care of that Dead Brain
  6. Nah. The Biden Family is into the kinky shit.
  7. Sorry to disappoint. Left Wing Liberals are Gay Mother Fuckers but who wants to see them taking it in the Ass
  8. Show the proof Testicle Lips. The Flavor Aid didn't kill you, just left you Brain Dead.
  9. Your comments have Zero integrity and mean nothing to anyone. Your attempt at spinning the thread is a failure. I am a veteran, proudly served my Country contrary to the utter nonsense you spew out your ass. Kerry was a failure in the military, falsely receiving medals of honor then denouncing the military and outfit he served just 3 months with.
  10. You Know nothing about my career, Douchebag. Kerry has been a team member of Biden Corruption Inc.
  11. Another discredited Asshole picked by Brain Dead Biden Biden climate envoy John Kerry is a lifelong joke (nypost.com) John Kerry: A Traitor for the Ages (americanthinker.com) Here John Kerry and phony soldier Al Hubbard bash the troops during Vietnam. John Kerry’s mentor, Al Hubbard, lied about being an officer, Vietnam Veteran, and sustaining war injuries. Kerry lied about everything else. There were never any criminal charges filed as a result of any of the investigations into Winter Soldier… the testimony that was heard
  12. Got the wrong guy, Janitor. I pity you assholes with no brain. Brain Dead Biden got you to drink the Flavor Aid, Sucker
  13. Hey Janitor. Make sure you use that Covid disinfectant in the classrooms. If Biden gets control, you'll need to be drinking the shit. In the eyes of a Criminal, Biden won. Corruption at it's finest.
  14. I've been saying it for years, our party is too soft on the issues and never anticipates a battle. Trumps attorneys should have acted a year ago when the Left filed 100 lawsuits to remove security protocols for ballot voting. Trump put the party in the right direction in opposition of many Republicans, then brought them together. Now we see many weren't true to the party. They are the part of New World Order.
  15. Hey Shit for Brains. This election will only have been won by total corruption in every facet of the Election process
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