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  1. But that was actually a tiny fraction of Germany's total reparations payments, which totaled nearly $89 billion as of 2012, and largely went to individual survivors. The terms of the reparations, most of which are negotiated by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (which negotiated about $70 billion of the total), are constantly evolving, with some payments made on a one-time basis and others as monthly pensions of varying amounts. The Conference has a good breakdown of the various funds, and how much they've paid out, here.
  2. is that anything like oweblamer pronouncing CORPSE-MEN, loser?
  3. my race doesn't have to make watered down excuses for their miserable failures. we kicked his dirty ass in that department!
  4. impossible to define? lmao! where the fuck do you get off????? if blacks are so fuckin' smart, why are they only race that requires ideal conditions to thrive in, and still fall far short?
  5. dude, thats all they have.... blame other for their utter failures.
  6. no, we dont think they have been brainwashed! you silly goose! they are just stupid.....
  7. could you please give one example, because i have no idea what the hell you are referring to.....
  8. kinda like oweblunder's "corpse-men"?
  9. you cant fight it with reparations paychecks, either.....
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