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  1. Hey STUPID if you do not believe in a fake or fictions phony ass god how can you go to hell, don't you have to believe in you phony ass fake god of Hate and Fear for that to happen, leave it to a dumb ass evangelical phony ass christian to lead the charge on hate and fear and IGNORANCE
  2. I spoke to Mr Schiff and he agreed to step aside to make you feel better here is all that he asks, 1) you must have 100 worthless ass wipe Mass Murderer trump supporters present then give him a BLOW JOB and you MUST swallow and say how great it tastes, 2) then you must drop your pants and bend over so the next great American can shove his Dick up your ass as you cry with Joy how great it is to have a real man. 3) As Mr Schiff shits on the floor you must eat that Shit and describe how great it tastes compared to the SHIT you have been eating for the last four years. When all that ha
  3. Went through the site, it has over 2500 posts. Now if you know when you posted read the right hand column, you will notice that unless they opinion expressed is complimentary and respectful to the Anti American Racist Nazi, White Trash TERRORIST in Chief it will not be there, this is a bull shit site. Where is the story with Eugenics, where is the story of the 2nd Amendment with dates names and places and much much more, if you readers believe this site is real stay I am and will bet it is a Anti American garbage site from the TERRORIST of the right wing. Fu
  4. This room is a JOKE you constantly scrub the site so ONLY Anti American Racist, Nazi, White Trash is published. So White Trash ASS HOLES and SHIT eaters good bye, this is a LOSER site and I will spread the word, You promote ONLY Anti American TERRORIST Hatred as you do not want to lose your place in line to suck the FAKE, FAILED, MASS MURDER and Anti American TERRORIST president's dick or a blow job from his wife ( does she swallow}. please do NOT claim you are FREE FORUM you are full of SHIT.
  5. I know most of the Anal Morons of the right and the christian's do not believe their was a WWII with MASS ATROCITIES so through DENIAL it gives them power to try it on MINORITIES in this Country, as anyone in American knows this is a WHITE'S only christian Hate and Fear Country with a Anti American TERRORIST president to prove it. Recently as in the 1940's=50's and 60's White Trash Racist NAZI'S have been using Eugenics to sterilize Minority women this is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY acceptable as these women are not WHITE, so they are NOT considered Americans and or women but experiment
  6. Science is not FAKE, religion is FAKE, god is FAKE, Science has proven its might, rising Oceans, Now plastic in our food change (yeah, you are consuming plastic and the sever weather , oh shit that can't be Science it has to be the FAKE god's wrath (ass holes) ROFL ith uncontrolable laughter at these deniers.
  7. Why you think your man enough to do it, I doubt that you TERRORIST are walking DEAD MEN and WOMEN and you are to stupid to know it, watch who pulls up beside you bang, bang.
  8. I see your Ignorance and Stupidity haven't left you, look the American TERRORIST Putin puppet needs a blow job I volunteered you he is waiting for you, just ask for his lollipop, wink, wink, stupidity and denial and misdirection run through the American TERRORIST party. Happy sucking
  9. First there are No liberals, just scary people who think for themselves and scare the living hell out of the Ant Aercican TERRORIST known as republicans, christian and gop all have SHIT for Brains and are completely incapable of making a decision with out being told how to make the decision
  10. Your point is mute and I have no intention of carrying the discussion any further, it is NOT about you or how YOU think it is about the person who is having it done period, and those choices are what that person has to live with NOT you me or anyone else, and again YOU skirted the issue so that further mutes your point. Have a nice day.
  11. Yeah, yeah, I know I am slamming the irresponsible Brain Dead worthless scum bag low life christian again, ever notice how these morons totally ignore FACTS and Pictures nothing like that applies unless it serves THERE agenda. A while back a Uneducated Fool wrote their god is going to smite the Democrats, boy aren't these Hate Mongers in their glory of generating FEAR, but when you are a FAKE religion that is all you can do. Has anyone noticed how QUIET the right wing is and NO one is taking about the FAKE BALLOT BOXES being installed on the streets of California so the
  12. Apparently you are so involved with yourself you want to project it on to everyone else, there are two things wrong with you 1) you are a republican, 20 you are achristian that automatically take you out of the free thinking game. You Idiots truly believe that the mantra of the Hate and Fear mongering republican is truth, have you EVER spoken to a woman who has had a ABORTION, have you ever LISTENED to the agony and PAIN they went through in making that decision HELL NO, all you do is babble and confuse and put out YOUR opinion with NO thoughts and or concepts of what a WOMAN goes
  13. Yes, the Executive Racist, Nazi, White Supremacist, TERRORIST in Chief has come out in full bloom showing and proving what a Failure he is, he CAN NOT walk up steps as HE proved when getting on Air force one because the IDIOT still has NOT fully recovered from the TRUMP VIRUS (covid-19), yeah HIS virus kind of bit him in his Anti American worthless ass. To further prove this Incompetent IDIOT and Brain Dead Moron is unfit, everyone remembers the Hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico and how the White Supremacist, Anti American TERRORIST in Chief went there and threw paper towels at
  14. Yes it is great, NO parasite piece pf SHIT is allowed to tell another human what they can do with their OWN body and what is in it, and while you keep LYING and MANIPULATING the conversation YOU fail to answer the questions posted, another great reason to justify why YOU should have been aborted. SO FUCK you and FUCK you make believe god.
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