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  1. I have more kool ais if you want to drink it, yup, you should not be left with out ADULT supervision.
  2. Sure, Sure, Sure and whose TAXES are we discussing you MORON, this is NOT about VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN, this is about the LOSER and SCUM BAG trump the TRAITOR who played you like the FOOL you are, any doubts read your own statement ass wipe, this is about the LOSER and Anti American National Security Risk trump. Maybe you want to discuss Watergate instead of FACING FACTS ASS WIPE.
  3. AS usual NO CLUE, a alligator mouth with a row boat ass. No clue.
  4. Scares the hell out of WHITE BOYS, that a INDIVIDUAL can out think them and our research them, they are so confused rather then READ, oops sorry right wingers and Racist Loser trump supporters who are FORBIDDEN from Fact Checking. wow! you folks are pathetic. Psst! what are you going to do now that the MORONS at the Faux Net Wit network just FIRED over 30% of their worthless staff and are having them sign Draconian non disclosure statement so they can get their severance monies, only LOW LIFE LYING Anti American scum Bags. Yes, name blame Antifa you MORON.
  5. Yes another Functional Ill Informed fool bites the dust.
  6. Yeah, lets here it LOSERS, you are backing a TRAITOR and LOSER, this first class PUKE will sell America out in a HEART Beat look at who he owes money too, Russia, Turkey, North Korea and the Philippines, ALL no nonsense killers when it comes to their MONEY. What part of AMERICA are you willing to give up to protect this WHITE TRASH TRAITOR and ASS WIPE or is your WHITENESS so important that you will allow this NATIONAL SECURITY RISK to stay in POWER.. When you make that decision you are MARKED and will be dealt with accordingly and it will not be nice. If you own a busi
  7. LOL, you right wingers just can't handle reality, have no fear we have real Adults coming to take care of you and guide you on how to become a responsible adult.
  8. First which son, second do you have anything to really contribute other than misdirection, I realize as a right winger you are not allowed frr thinking or exprewssion unless approved by your Anti American Racist, Nazi party.
  9. Hey quack, quack, do you have anything intelligent to contribute besides misinformation and misdirection and BS
  10. YOU never had a track as a dumb-ass right winger you do not have a clue, yes he did seek deferments, and his draft number was 311 very high and the WAR ended, unlike the DRAFT DODGER who FAKED his medical deferment.
  11. YOUR Whiteness is stopping you from seeing the bigger picture, the WHITE MAN is now in a MINORITY status, this is not spoken about, now mighty Whitey (those in the know) understand this, since they can not control either the House or the Senate they move to the COURT system, here the Loyalties are quietly recognized and FAVORS (like getting a Judgeship) can be called and so WHITE POWER lasts another 25 to 40 Years depending on the ages of the Judges.
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