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  1. https://www.cfact.org/2016/03/04/are-wind-turbines-killing-whales/ SAVE THE WHALES!
  2. Oh my God, I am dying laughing right now. I shared this article with my mom. She said "I took my binoculars out and can see Jupiter and Mars, but I can't see Uranus".
  3. I didn't see any shooting stars but I did see a brown one. Probably need to wax that thing again. When I squinted I think I saw some asteroids.
  4. https://www.space.com/see-uranus-near-full-hunters-moon Yeah, I've got the sense of humor of a 12 year old.
  5. It's kind of weird how atheists haven't figured out that there are no consequences to anything.
  6. Why? What sense does that make when it's just a matter of life that just ends and there's nothing more? Why the heck should I be kind when I can get more gratification from just taking what I want and killing those that oppose me?
  7. https://thehill.com/policy/defense/577670-sailors-didnt-know-what-to-do-in-uss-bonhomme-richard-fire-navy-probe-finds "Women, people who identify as women, people of color, children, people that identify as children, people who are child molesters, and those that do not have white privilege first".
  8. Pretty smart move. He'll get 20 or 30 million users easily in just a few weeks.
  9. This whole story is strange. Bannon was already pardoned so he has basically no risk by testifying. It's probably just a ploy to gain attention and get more clicks.
  10. I'm not blaming anyone for anything. Just asking if anybody else had a weird feeling today.
  11. That's not what I'm talking about, lol. It's just a weird instinctive feeling. Probably just gas.
  12. Nothing is wrong. I can't explain it, but it feels like time slowed down or something. Just a weird feeling.
  13. I know that's an esoteric question, but does anybody else get a sense that things are "off" right now?
  14. Does that mean every shirt or poster that depicts Che should have a disclaimer on it that he murdered retarded and black people for fun and raped women in public? I think I'd be cool with that.
  15. He's actually pointing out that inflation is higher than what is being reported, but doesn't realize it.
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