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  1. Christianity and socialism aren't mutually exclusive. Just like Christianity and slavery aren't. The Bible doesn't tell us what society is supposed to look like, it tells us how we should act regardless of what society looks like and where we find ourselves within that society.
  2. Exactly. Will more money in your check make covid less of a threat to your life?
  3. I take exception to comparing transgenderism to homosexuality. Transgenderism is nothing more than a form of body dysmorphia disorder. There have been roughly 12 billion people in the history of the world and other than a tiny tiny number of them, their chromosomes are identical to what sexual organs they have. To say that your sexual organs aren't the right ones, you're essentially saying that every cell in your body is wrong because it's carrying the wrong genetic code. That should be a bridge too far for anyone to cross. Its much more likely that if your mind doesn'
  4. 230 billion dollars to reopen schools. That makes no sense.
  5. That's cool. But I guess by that logic the right to peaceably assemble isn't really a right. If there are instances where that right can be taken away, it really isn't a right.
  6. The OP correctly pointed out that what happened wasn't an attack on the first amendment. My point is that the first amendment also includes the freedom to peaceably assemble and that HAS been infringed upon by government in the last year, so it should be met with an even higher amount of anger and rejection. You can't on one hand argue that this isn't against the 1st amendment because it didn't involve the government and at the same time dismiss the ongoing infringement of our 1st amendment rights by the government. Twitter can suspend my account or delete my t
  7. Where did you come across the stories about hunter biden? Was it a media outlet, or was it that someone shared a story from a media outlet on social media?
  8. If it wasn't for social media having section 230 protection you wouldn't know anything about Hunter Bidens escapades.
  9. Sort of. If a message board is anonymous its basically just exempt because there would be no way for a person to prove financial damages. I can start a thread that says "impartialobserver rapes his wife and poisoned his parents" and it means jack squat in court. If I go on Facebook and know your name and say the same thing, you can sue me for slander. Take section 230 away from Facebook and you could also sue them because they allowed my slander to be published. At that point the liability would be so great that they would have to monitor every post and have to verify its veracity
  10. Because then they are liable for anything and everything that is posted on their site. If someone makes the claim that you are a pedophile or killed your next door neighbor and it isnt true, then you can sue not only the person that posted it but also Twitter or Facebook or whoever for allowing it to be published because its slander.
  11. In fairness it is kind of annoying. Nobody cares about the text, just that its that large and half of the page is filled up with it.
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