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  1. It's an official account. Not sure what message they are trying to send, but it seems like a warning to someone.
  2. I dont know exactly what this means, but the fact that they sent this out is probably not a good omen.
  3. This is totally fucked up. Why would a mayor say such a thing, knowing the consequences of those words. every cop in Minneapolis should walk off the job immediately.
  4. I'm calling bullshit on this. There's no way that CNN only has 1 million viewers, particularly with everything that's been going on in the country recently.
  5. Chauvin isn't guilty of anything other than looking like an asshole.
  6. Oh please. For a while it seemed like you were able to act like an adult and have a conversation but in the last couple of days you've became the biggest shitposter here. Delete your account or find a different venue to be a jackass on.
  7. He died of a stroke, but its pretty obvious that what happened earlier in the day was a pretty big stressor so it most likely played a role. Had the riot not happened, he probably would have gone home that night. Eventually he would have died from a stroke anyway, but let's not act like what went on that day didn't play a factor.
  8. Delete your account. Nobody enjoys your posts and they never bring any value to any thread. As this board becomes more visible and gains more new members you'll probably be banned anyway for swamping threads with stupid comments that nobody cares to read. Take Benson with you.
  9. Regardless of the oxygen saturation, I think it's kind of easy to understand what happened. Floyd was pretty hard on his body for a lot of years from drug use, which was particularly damaging to his heart. On this day, he had quite a bit of fentanyl in his system. When the first cop showed up, Floyd was disoriented and acting funny so the cop pulled his gun. At that point, Floyd had an adrenaline rush which led to a panic attack, and along with the meth his heart was being way overworked. Fighting the cops just escalated it and getting into the car was a tipping point fo
  10. No further punishment. His life is already destroyed due to be tried by the court of public opinion. Just let the guy disappear and try to put his life back together.
  11. 2 daughters in Brooklyn Park. We talked about having a go bag and an exit plan last week. They are heading to Brainerd in the next hour.
  12. I agree. But.....they are currently setting churches on fire. I'm telling my daughter to get the hell out right now.
  13. I'll bet that doesn't happen. Based on the facts he should be, but this is now a trial about the fear of rioting and personal retribution. There's no way the jury isn't in fear for their lives and their family and friends.
  14. Looks like there's already several hundred people gathering. It'll probably be a fiery night.
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