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  1. Totally different. Mass shooters are sociopaths. They know exactly what they are doing and are just numb to the consequence of it because they don't see the victims as anything other than something they can control. This guy can't differentiate between right and wrong so he's proving to himself that the two don't exist. He doesn't have emotions, or at least he won't eventually so when he does flip shit it won't be for the satisfaction, it'll be out of indifference. They'll put him on an SSRI and he'll convince them that he's getting better. Then he will murder someone in a pretty brutal way. He won't take satisfaction in it, he'll just think it doesn't matter.
  2. That isn't drugs, it's psychopathy. He's losing his sense of reality.
  3. I've seen something kind of like this, and yes that is someone collapsing into madness. It kind of bothers me to look at it.
  4. in my mind, this is what I picture that character to look like.
  5. You could just get some large pots, set them next to the posts, and put morning glories in them. I did that with a trellis one time and it was beautiful. Had tiger lillys around the perimeter of the deck.
  6. 92% Trumps fault. 4% China. 17% DeSantis. Jim Jordan should take some blame as well so let's put him at >1%? I haven't finished my calculations yet on the jews, but I'll update you when it's complete.
  7. Nice. That looks like thicker lattice than we can buy now. May actually survive if you cough in its general direction.
  8. https://apnews.com/article/fact-checking-436833075130 What is going on in this article?
  9. That stuff was awesome. I don't remember the name of the manufacturer that was selling it to menards but they had the most stable and easy to work with product I've ever seen for decking. The stuff didn't shrink or warp at all.
  10. At one time Menards carried a brand of windows that was pretty good for sliders and double-hungs but the name escapes me. For casement windows, Anderson and Pella are the only way to go IMO, but Pella has screwy RO dimensions so it's a pain in the ass laying out walls. I don't want to measure to 5/16ths for an opening, lol.
  11. It's nominal in thickness and width, so a 1 x 12 x 1 is considered 1 board foot, but in reality it's 3/4" by 11 1/4" by 12". Length is actual measurement but usually longer than what they say it is unless it's a precut stud.
  12. It's a thought experiment. I'm not looking for an actual answer because there can't be one. It's not unlike the black hole theory.
  13. I just used the price of the 2x4x12. BF price goes up with wider boards.
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