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  1. 10 seconds this time. 800k shares and back up to 155. God this is fun to watch.
  2. Volume is insane right now. Tripped after 5 seconds this time at 132.
  3. Tripped again at 126. Trading only stays open for 20 seconds at a time now.
  4. I wonder who took the hit today. The guy that started this said he's going to buy back in at some point today.
  5. Tripped the breaker 3 times already. Halted at 237 now. What a ride.
  6. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/gamestop-amc-trading-is-now-being-restricted-at-td-ameritrade-11611769804 And just like that, it's over. Once again, the game wins. GME is down 80 points and AMC is down 40% in prehours trading
  7. Um, yeah I guess. Do you understand how they calculate GDP? I guess I don't know exactly what you're asking but I'll say that you're supposition about transactions isn’t really correct. I dont really get what the drug stuff has to do with it.
  8. The finance sector serves a valuable purpose, but its grown to the point where its pretty unhealthy for the economy. You can't have over 10% of GDP based on money transactions, it has to be based on production and growth.
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