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  1. An independent Palestinian state has been offered. The palestinians rejected that offer. At this point it should be obvious to everyone that autonomy isn't their goal, and that's why the other Arab and Mediterranean nations are normalizing relations with Israel.
  2. If your income is based on image, they are the same. Trump is claiming, and somewhat rightfully so, that part of his income is based on image. That doesnt make me an asshole. That was unnecessarily aggressive.
  3. He probably did deduct his haircuts, and while that is ridiculous, it can also be completely legal and legitimate because there is value to his brand. Just think about how much time the media has spent on his hair. That is a significant amount of advertising. Its no different than a supermodel being able to have plastic surgery and deduct the expense.
  4. Not necessarily. They probably show a shuffling of income and debt, losses carried forward, restructuring of assets, depreciation, and passive income that comes from branding. Its not as simple as this is made out to be.
  5. You are correct that I have never represented the people of Delaware. Its my biggest regret.
  6. https://canadafreepress.com/article/how-biden-went-from-947k-to-millions
  7. As long as we are talking about taxes, how exactly did Biden go from being a million dollars in the hole in 2016 to paying 3 million in taxes? His book sales weren't exactly stellar.
  8. For being better educated, you'd think he would have done more with his life than just live off of government paychecks and graft.
  9. He's probably leveraged between 10-20%, which is pretty frigging good for a multi-billion dollar ongoing real-estate business. I venture to guess that over half of the people on this board are over double that.
  10. Its a stupid system, but everyone has used it to their own advantage. There have been years that I payed myself out of my corporation and tagged it as a loan, then the following year sold a personal property and paid the money back to the corporation with interest to keep that income down. There are lots of loopholes a person can use. Inevitably you do end up having to pay the tax on any income you've ever made but you can delay it for a heck of a long time.
  11. Thats another issue altogether, but you are correct to bring it up. Its likely that most of his income is actually in subchapter C corporations and was reinvested in the company, as opposed to being payed out as dividends.
  12. When you've got billions in real estate, your depreciation schedule is going to take a heck of a lot of income off the top line. Its not surprising that he would have years where he can show no income.
  13. Nor should you. The point that he nails isn't that there is some vast conspiracy against black people in reality, its that they FEEL like there is. He does it unknowingly because he himself views the country that way. The lesson we can all learn is that we can recognize how someone feels but at the same time not act in a way to validate those feelings. Its like the toddler thats afraid of a monster in the closet. A parent doesn't come in and freak out because there might ACTUALLY be a monster in the closet which would validate the fear, they calm the child and demonstrate that
  14. This is hyperbole. Race relations are the same as they have been for 30 years, which is nowhere close to as bad as they were prior to 1970. Chappelle has a large platform and is on point here, so take it for what it is and don't make his comments into something bigger than what they are. You just lose the entire message by doing so.
  15. https://www.theblaze.com/news/woman-drives-through-trump-crowd Well, maybe not.
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