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  1. What a waste of good fuel to only get one ...
  2. Would have actually had a better chance of winning than Biden ...
  3. It is a sad testament to the mentality of society in the US. It is more sought after to get a Like, or be considered part of a popular clique, than it is to be an honest human being utilizing common sense, being able to separate the truth from the propaganda. The actions of the Democratic Party, BLM and anyone who has funded or supported them should not go unpunished.
  4. https://www.globalresearch.ca/us-interfered-in-elections-of-at-least-85-countries-worldwide-since-1945/5601481 Seems a bit hypocritical. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_involvement_in_regime_change
  5. Exactly. I am not Republican ... I in fact despise the party system all together. To me it creates nothing more than a Crips vs Bloods mentality that has no place in the governing of this country. Democrats though ... that's a special kind of fucking retarded.
  6. She can say stupid shit, troll and continually start BS ... and get off by just putting everyone who disagrees with her on ignore. What if anytime folks on this board quoted anything posted by anyone they tagged Scout? That way she constantly has 500 notifications waiting. Now THAT would be some funny shit. Just sayin ...
  7. Only weak minded people put others on ignore. It is because they know they are outmatched and cant come up with any intelligent response. Its ok ... we have seen your posts ... we understand.
  8. Not true, most people in West Palm Beach are either filthy rich and wouldn't do the job ... or hooked on meth and opiates.
  9. Yeah, sorry sweetie ... I know you sent me that in private.
  10. You cant be a real American ... you are in Colorado ...
  11. Problem is they have no morals and reproduce as fast as they kill each other off ...
  12. Exactly the stance that should be taken now. "It needs to stop day before yesterday ... whatever it takes."
  13. I agree. Running, screaming, crying like little bitch targets are sooooo much more fun ...
  14. Means absolutely nothing. Race relations in this country are FUCKED and cant be fixed. Has zero bearing on the election.
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