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  1. @Dontlooknow said he was going to donate ... Liberals love this kind of shit.
  2. Bet right now he is wishing he would have wiped him on a napkin ...
  3. millennials ... its so they can take a break from their sign spinning job ...
  4. Sure doesn't seem like it anymore ...
  5. She is cute. Not "drag my balls through a mile of broken glass, just to hear her fart over the phone" cute ... but cute.
  6. Except no media of any kind is owned by anything other than Liberals now ...
  7. Guess it makes sense .... snorting a line of coke and seeing a black face will remind you who to go get more from ...
  8. No worries, I was just chiming in on the subject, by being too lazy to type my take again .... LOL.
  9. The Pacific Northwest is as far as idiots get ... who are trying to walk to China ...
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