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  1. Do you feel pain? I hope so, for a long .... long time.
  2. Biden is a pedophile. Putin knows Biden is a pedophile. Russians kill pedophiles ...
  3. Hey squat ... I thought you were practicing your sword-play. Don't back up next time ...
  4. I thought you just found donkey jizz in your panties again ...
  5. This just in! All fucking Liberals are lying hypocritical pieces of shit. More news at 11. Back to you Skippy!
  6. Then what is it? A skin color? False. No one is black. No one is white. The entire earth is just made up of different shades of brown ...
  7. If you step in front of a vehicle, whether on strike or in protest, you deserve to get run the fuck over ...
  8. No need to go to South America to see anything. The Cartels are the problem. All intelligent people know that. If you go to South America ... bring the military and burn them down ...
  9. My 12 year old just said that joke was immature ...
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