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  1. Ohhhhhhh ... you mean like that Liberal diversion planned and executed by Pelosi, Soros, and the entire Liberal Mafia at the Capitol? You mean like that? Ok ... got it.
  2. This first jury may not hear about it ... not sure the extent of their sequester. But surely the second one will know all about it, after this trial is appealed because of what Waters said.
  3. In this country the question should be what did you do to get the felony. DWI's? Non-violent theft? Extortion? Wire fraud? Why would any of the above disqualify you from being able to protect yourself? Our government is incompetent ...
  4. Has nothing to do with the jury you no-reading motherfucker ...
  5. Yeah, Waters basically guaranteed a new trial if he is found guilty. Liberals are fucking morons ...
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