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  1. I dont think so, I think @Scout is just really fucking mentally retarded. He wasn't raised right for sure, but has to be some chromosomes missing as well ...
  2. You are too stupid and too broke to buy shit ...
  3. Criminalize political parties Term limits Age limits Severe punishment for Congress members breaking the rules There could be changes that work, but they will never happen, because Government would have to vote on them and Government is broken and corrupt ... all of it.
  4. Yeah well, I think a lot of people may do something in around ten days ...
  5. Is that supposed to scare me? Fuck you. Fuck the corrupt FBI too. There ... tag that.
  6. Why do all you fucking Liberal retards make up your gender and location? Please change it to be accurate Gender: Fucking Faggot Location: Head Up My Ass Thanks ...
  7. I dont think it was last that long, but the body count would be tremendous ...
  8. You think the competent members of any Sheriffs Dept in this country are Liberals? Liberal LEOs are there to steal the dope and cash from drug busts, and can barely use their weapons. No competent LEOs will be taking guns away and supporting terrorists rioters that want them de-funded ...
  9. Scout is a fat gay dude, so his asshole only look like a carnivorous vagina ...
  10. No matter who wins, what the nation has watched the Democrats do for the last four years, and especially the last eight months, is going to be an issue. After this election, people will long for the peaceful days of the civil rights movement ... and maybe even the Civil War. It could get bad ... very, very bad.
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