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  1. Are you saying posters using the word nigger is not r@cost? Show so:e integrity.
  2. Wat to go to sink to a low level with a racial slur. You just made BLM case. You are a poster boy proving racism in the U.S, what is also telling is that no right wingers on this site will criticize you. The right way s indeed racist.
  3. Simple. Libertarians are for maximum liberty and want no influence from the government whatsoever. There can be no dispute on this matter. Regardless of riots a true libertarian would not side with the government.
  4. You are a sock fuck. Why do you get joy of others death. Seriously. Check yourself into a clinic.
  5. Why did you mentioned blacks when in this incident they are white? I Never mentioned color, You did. See the problem?0
  6. Wjat does "Black:" have to do with it? Shooter and victims were all white. You just showed your bias.
  7. Libertarians are against any government intervention. Somehow you disagree with that interpretation. So explain yourself
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