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  1. Are you saying posters using the word nigger is not r@cost? Show so:e integrity.
  2. Wat to go to sink to a low level with a racial slur. You just made BLM case. You are a poster boy proving racism in the U.S, what is also telling is that no right wingers on this site will criticize you. The right way s indeed racist.
  3. Simple. Libertarians are for maximum liberty and want no influence from the government whatsoever. There can be no dispute on this matter. Regardless of riots a true libertarian would not side with the government.
  4. You are a sock fuck. Why do you get joy of others death. Seriously. Check yourself into a clinic.
  5. Why did you mentioned blacks when in this incident they are white? I Never mentioned color, You did. See the problem?0
  6. Again. A false narrative. Any self respecting libertarian would agree.
  7. Wjat does "Black:" have to do with it? Shooter and victims were all white. You just showed your bias.
  8. You are obviously a wanna be libertarian. That or you are very confused.
  9. Libertarians are against any government intervention. Somehow you disagree with that interpretation. So explain yourself
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