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  1. ROFL Clearly you have not been keeping up with the Democrat's/China's new cultural movement to genocide America's darkskinned-negro citizenry. So Black women are their prized soldiers, today, as you see the rash of rewards and compensation for Black women who get impregnated by White men.
  2. You had a 500-to-1 ratio, of anti-Trump posts to anti-Biden posts LOL please stop telling lies in here and go review your months and months of disdain toward Trump
  3. You had a 200-to-1 ratio, of pro-Biden posts versus pro-Trump posts. Go check review your posts' archive, stop embarassing yourself in here LOL
  4. Here's the fact, the proof, the evidence that you screwed up and, forgot about, in terms of your many months of always hating on Trump and always telling lies on Trump and always protecting Biden. You must think we are, stupid, to believe your anti-Biden bullshit lie you posted only today VERSUS we believe your pro-Biden remarks you just posted for hundreds of days straight here.
  5. darkskinned negros' 160yr ride is, over, as according to the Democrat's new movement is to promote a non-darkskinned society. As you can within how for the first time in USA, history, we see all segments of society promoting/rewarding Black women who get impregnated by White men instead of darkskinned negro men. This is why you just went 4yrs seeing Trump with dark-skinned Blacks, only, as he saw right through their nonsense. You never saw him promoting the Democrat's/China's initiative concerning light skinned negros.
  6. https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/31/politics/pence-gohmert-electoral-college-lawsuit/index.html
  7. the traitor asked a judge to reject GOP Congressmembers expectation of Pence to challenge the electoral votes on January 6th. Pence = Wuss!
  8. Yes. And you believe it too Notice how, before this video and info came out, we never focused on him abusing women ---because that image of him simply never formed via his demeanor and persona.
  9. Thank you! For once again admitting that I exposed you, efficiently, when you came with that bullshit lie that you did not vote for Joe Biden. LOL. Go tell that nonsense to someone who does not know of your anti-Trump footprints all over this website for many months now.
  10. Yes, I agree. I thought her cuteness would dissipate when she began to weep, but she kept a dignified look ... I believe her about Warnock too.
  11. Clearly, you did not see the video. Go to the link I provided, check out the video of her.
  12. LOL you sound like a CNN pundit right now. Thanks for proving me, correct, in how I exposed you here. btw Here's some of Biden "what corrupt behavior?" you conveniently did not notice for years now: https://www.glennbeck.com/research/timeline-of-corruption-bidens-nefarious-ties-with-communist-china-exposed
  13. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/great-actor-warnocks-wife-domestic-dispute
  14. is that video creating a, concern, to check with other women in his church to see if he abused any of them??
  15. BREAKING NEWS: she has rescinded her decision, and changed her ruling! She realized that she was embarassing herself, this morning, so she changed her ruling BWAHAHAHAHHHHH!!!
  16. Not buying it. For many months here you constantly attacked Trump, even told lies on Trump. You never attacked Biden, even told lies to protect Biden including refused to criticize Biden's corrupt behavior.
  17. Quit trolling in here. You already received a vaccine response, when I reminded that Trump kept his word and got the vaccine to America's states in WARP SPEED. So you look like a damn fool, by continuing to blame Trump for something that he has no control over and no participation with ---in terms of disbursing the vaccine to American's arms. Blame Dem mayors and Dem governors, for falling their residents. News people asked Biden and Harris why they aren't being more transparent ---especially in light of the controversies and fraud. When they asked that question today, Joe Biden cut them off of the ZOOM call. What do you think Biden was trying to tell them, going forward, by kicking them out of the ZOOM call for questioning his corrupt behavior? Are you too afraid to reply??
  18. Yes, Xi used you and other Democrat voters, to make Joe Biden the vehicle to kick Trump out of WashDC. The swamp is rewarding Xi, big time, and you helped them. Xi promised to get revenge for Trump winning the China Trade War.
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