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  1. Both of you are dreadful, liars, and that is what make yall the perfect Dem Party voters. Fortunately, people get to realize how much you all hate telling the truth. Check out Obama here, apologizing, for the "shameful" payment of $1.8-billion to Iran ---same payment you two lunatics claim did not happen: https://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/477666-obama-should-apologize-for-shameful-cash-payment-to-iran https://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/obama-iran-terrorism/ ROFL ... I guess this is Trump's fault too:
  2. He is not the one who created this thread, to tell lies. You did that. So what matters is that nobody believes, you, except Liberal Lunatics and that is how it is supposed to be. I login to make sure of it
  3. Your remarks here are deceitful and, dumb, as according to the fact that President Trump recently brokered historical peace deals that Biden Obama Kerry Hillary etc all failed at trying to do. If the world no longer trusts, America, then why did the world let Trump accomplish Peace in places where Democrats failed at doing so from 2009-2017? @Dontlooknow words here are dishonest in light of how Trump was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize ---by humans on the other side of the world. ROFL. That cannot happen if the world no longer trusts America while Trump is in c
  4. Your post here is extremely deceitful, because that is what makes you the perfect Democrat voter. But fortunately for readers here the truth is never far, behind, whenever I read you rape this website with your dishonest posts: BREAKING – GAME OVER: Dominion voting machines LIVE HACKED during Georgia Senate hearing by Mike Adams, Natural News: Despite all the fake news lies that claimed Dominion voting machines could not be hacked and could not be used to alter the outcome of the election, analyst Jovan Pulitzer has just unleashed a bombshell an
  5. Your words here are very deceitful and extremely, foolish, if you think any sane human believes the nonsense you posted. iow The Republicans will take the same actions during the count, on Jan. 6th, which the Democrats took in Jan 6th 2005 when Kerry lost the election. If the cops did not take the Democrats in, on 06jan2005, then the cops won't take in Trumpists who plan to dispute the electoral college votes in 3 days.
  6. ROFL stay keen ... you sound like an idiotic Democrat voter now. Go research, go get informed, then your blurry vision will clear up re: why frontline workers are avoiding the vaccine. HINT: China
  7. Here's Obama letting you know the future, in 2016, that the next President must do exactly what the next President did. Long live Trump!!
  8. "...Preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons will be one of the top foreign policy and national security challenges facing Joe Biden when he becomes president Jan. 20. Realistically, diplomacy and empty threats won’t accomplish this vital task — we’ve seen them fail under both Democratic and Republican administrations. The only way for Biden to succeed will be to use military force against Iran. I realize this proposal will be met with cries of “warmonger” and doomsday scenarios of a massive U.S. invasion of Iran with heavy American casualties. But that’s not what I’m suggesting.
  9. Pretty much. And the dumb, deceitful member @Dontlooknow is doing his best to assist with that deceit here.
  10. Lies. "...Those nations, and others, are also looking forward to mid-October when the U.N. arms embargo on Iran expires. Russia and China will sell Iran combat aircraft, ships, radars, air defense systems and more. Oil-hungry China will trade them for Iranian oil, relieving Iran from paying for them because - thanks to Mr. Trump‘s “maximum pressure” campaign, the Iranian economy is in tatters. That leaves Mr. Trump with one last weapon: economic sanctions against those nations that sell weapons to Iran. Elliott Abrams, the Trump administration’s special envoy
  11. ...fixed "...On Sept. 21, President Trump issued an executive order which, he said, re-invoked the U.N.’s economic sanctions on Iran and continued its arms embargo against Iran scheduled to expire on Oct. 18. Only two other members of the U.N. — Israel and the Dominican Republic — stand with the United States. The rest are more eager to appease Iran than to take action that might prevent war - even nuclear war - with it. Because Britain, France and Germany refuse to support his efforts to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, Mr. Trump is almost as alone as
  12. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/sep/27/trump-stands-alone-as-nations-refuse-to-stop-iran-/ Last Tuesday’s 75th convening of the United Nations General Assembly, the world’s most pretentious Zoom meeting, passed almost unnoticed while the most important actions in global diplomacy occurred far beyond it. In “The Gathering Storm,” the first volume of Winston Churchill’s history of World War II, he wrote that it was “the unnecessary war” caused by the “unwisdom” of the victors of World War I. It has been clear at least since 1981 that Tehran will not cease its ef
  13. Today is a totally different scenario, than 2005. In 2005 we did not have China this controlling over The Democratic Party. Therefore in 2005 there were not so many private sector players and government agencies literally, spooked, into disregarding and ignoring overwhelming evidence of fraud.
  14. LOL Congrats!! This lie you told here on, me, just earned you a thread! Yes, dedicated to how much of a ludicrous liar you are AKA eTarred & Feathered for us non-(中国) members here to heckle ...hehe... "...A source familiar with the effort by the GOP senators told Fox News that it was Cruz who orchestrated the push just days before the joint session of Congress on Wednesday to officially approve the Electoral College votes electing former Vice President Joe Biden. The lawmakers say there is a precedent of Democrats objecting to election r
  15. You forgot the disclaimer of, satire, that prevents the website from liable suits you fucclump LOL
  16. How? Because well, the election fraud and election illegalities prove that you are full of shit? See, look: "...The lawmakers say there is a precedent of Democrats objecting to election results in 1969, 2001, 2005 and 2019: "And, in both 1969 and 2005, a Democratic Senator joined with a Democratic House Member in forcing votes in both houses on whether to accept the presidential electors being challenged," they say. The senators and senators-elect are calling for Congress to appoint an Electoral Commission to conduct a 10-day emergency audit of the election
  17. LOL don't be so hard on your mother up in here LOL take your hornyASS to a strip club if you want to see some boobs! I travel with my young child, on flights, and I do not need my child to see a woman dressed like that on our airplane flight. I bet you're the same loon who finds no problem with the new, NBA/NFL/MLB/NHL, now constantly showing alcohol-driking commercials to our kids who are watching the game.
  18. You idiot, did you wait for election day or the day Biden is actually President, before you started hating Trump's "America first!" culture? No, you did not! So, I will repeat, You and @benson13 have stayed silent, endlessly, when it comes to your violent teammates who voted for Beijing Biden and helped you turn this into the United States of China. You sat by, hush-hush, when you saw Trump supporters being terrorized by your Dem Party teammates of ANTIFA and BLM.
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