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  1. lol this is just a fun thread for those of you who are wondering what in the devil could have gotten into pmurT's Avi lately
  2. uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, last time you checked the holy bible, it is a pretty big deal to defeat The Devil ... so I use my avatar to pay homage to my colossal victory over a satanic sweet bitch mod who had more power than me in an arena where I outsmarted/I used mod's power against that same satanic sweet bitch mod now you need to ante-up so we can move on
  3. Nope. Not according to that thread where you got your asshole, kicked-in, and there is nothing you can do to change that. Ever.
  4. Nope. Forum members gave me credit. Go check the posts in the thread. No matter what you say, the facts will not change. Like I said, we can go to the thread and re-read or re-hash or review the many, many proofs that your ass got, kicked-in, when your dumb brain tried to contend with me. You are an idiot. Your brain cannot reach the tier upon wihch my brain functions. Quit, while you're ahead. Before I embarass you, again, to a point of where you resort to abusing your authority on my account you sweet bitch
  5. You are a whiny sweet bitch, and no mod nor website owner can change that fact. Ever. ...hehe...
  6. No whining here. But there is public proof that your asshole got, kicked-in, and you owe it all to me that the forum laughed at you. You need me to link up some posts, from that thread??? No member has embarassed your nonsense, like I do, and there is nothing you can ever do to change that. Ever.
  7. hey @kfools ... I regret to inform you, that a sissified whiny sweet bitch mod ( @lucifershammer ) who likes to lose, self-control, is running around the website embarassing your intelligence again/embarassing your decision-making again with respect to you choosing mods.
  8. of course you see all of my messages, because that is what an authority-abusing mod does ... he has to always be aware of which members are a, threat, like when kfools showed my private message where we laughed at how you got defeated by me. Period. You swung your nonsense my way and got your asshole, kicked-in, and since that is in kfools public posts too then it makes sense you can't get over it/you can't get beyond how I stymied your punkASS on this website ...hehe....
  9. Nope. Liar. I sent you a private message only to, remind, of how you are sweet bitch who is compelled to abuse your authority and there is nothing you can to change that about yourself and my private message cut you, deep, as according to your whiny sissified girly-man reply to my private message
  10. I pay attention to how you are a sweet bitch, constantly, so I asked a question according to that veracity
  11. You changed his username? Then claim he brought it on himself?? ROFL seriously dude, you need to check yourself into a psych ward
  12. you freaks are the reason there are currently 900+ affidavits of voter/election worker fraud, in Democrat counties, but you hallucinate that you defended your nation. BWAHAHAHAHHH! Nope. What you Liberal Lunatics will do tho, is quickly leap back into bed with China. Plus you will continue to rape the USA electoral process by way of liberal activist judges dismissing Trump's legitimate cases...as part of your effort to have Biden lead your movement to hand the USA over to illegal imms/undocumented imms and Middle Eastern refugees and LGBT as you follow Globalism instructions.
  13. With all due respect sir to whatever are your sexual preferences, I ask that you please, please refrain from including me in your gay fantasies that you post on this website.
  14. ROFL @ you expecting a sweet bitch mod, to harness anything which antagonizes Trumpists.
  15. ESP is the acronym for extrasensory perception as you might know it by its worldwide popular name of... "sixth sense" ... as we apply it to the judges' decision in this election fraud case. The SCOP judges' reasoning and rationale basically translates into;waaay back in early-2019 the Trump Admin attys did have reception of information, not gained through the recognized physical senses but sensed with the mind, that the state of Pennsylvania's Democrats would fraud the election 15 months later. The Trump Admin's attys did not act on these pyschic power, back then, so the cou
  16. ESP is the acronym for extrasensory perception as you might know it by its worldwide popular name of...
  17. That's ooooooonly on the, outside, but on the inside they do hurt very badly ---that is why they carry on in a deranged way like Biden did NOT really win the fraud election. Notice how they are still attacking, Trump, as they have no interest in helping move Biden's culture and policies forward nor using their time to promote how Biden's policies are about to make America better. During the Dem's primaries when they had many exciting issues, it was about the issues and not about Trump ---but now that those issues have won a fraud election, they won't discuss them...be
  18. True, true. But even the anti-USA trolls like iceberg, hurt badly, everytime they read truths here about The Dem Party which their lies cannot override.
  19. a sweet bitch is around here losing self-control, again, by abusing his authority as usual, eh? lol
  20. He was too dumb to realize that he had legal permission to talk to Russians during the transition ---so when they asked if he talked to the Russians ambassador about sanctions at the U.N., he said no--- because Flynn had failed to get properly informed on the fact that he had permssion to discuss this specific issue as a member of Trump's transition team. Then punkASS Obama [who had been illegally spying on Trump's campaign so he knew Flynn talked to the Russian ambassador] showed he was still angry that Trump hired Mike Flynn against Obama's wishes ---therefore this is a case whe
  21. I am sure that your dumbASS does not comprehend how this bullshit, nonsensical, ruling is exactly why the SCOTUS needs to intervene. That sorryASS Penn Supreme Court gave a ruling which basically, pretends, that a year ago the Trump Admin should have known the 2020 election would be cheated and frauded by Democrats therefore Trump should've filed this lawsuit back then ---when they had not yet absorbed the evil nor the evidence nor the results of an unfair frauded election.
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