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  1. marginally literate = far far more literate than @IcebergSlim will ever be
  2. Actually, not this time. The thing is that he is just too, stupid, to realize that he is promoting the facts here. In terms of the FBI continuing to show how much they hate Trump won the election in 2016 ---so they refuse to move on the tons of, evidence, that people cheated and frauded the 2020 election. Trump is correct on this. The FBI and DOJ showed their true colors, and President Trump is paying the price for it.
  3. survey = nonsensical bs created by some Liberal Lunatic's hub of anti-Trumpists
  4. so did the Biden family's corrupt men Black men would get worse than the, U.S. Presidency, for doing something this corrupt:
  5. And? Just where did they get the instruction manual on this type of behavior:
  6. Your remarks here are very Kobold and deceitful indeed. You represent evil so you want @Str8tEdge to cease with his truth-telling here. Therefore you come here and post your fallacy arguments to attack him where you lack truth and honesty about factual proof of election fraud. You came here with empty rhetoric so you attempted 4 different fallacies actually including your Bandwagon Fallacy and Appeal To Authority Fallacy and Genetic Fallacy arguments.
  7. ... iow ... Matthew Chapt 7, verse 12: Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets...
  8. Nope. I mean of course you are correct about how that is what should happen, theoretically, but when it comes to the practical way which things actually occur when humans go into action? See Trump's lawsuits.
  9. don't be fooled... this is the beginning of his resignation strategy [via debilitating injury caused yesterday] laid out by Globalism's masters and sent down via Pelosi Schumer & Co.
  10. Exactly. Because the right candidate [and current U.S. President] did not need what the world saw happen when Pelosi Schumer CNN CBS msnbc Twitter NYT did dogwhistle to all undocumented imms and illegal imms and families of dead voters and family of dead PETA pets and Muslim refugees Obama imported, to mail in every ballot they find anywhere in America no matter if it is legal or not.
  11. lol ... is this like an ... oxy-moron?!!! You know, considering how a sweet bitch mod literally sabotages the positivity and productivity of your efforts in building and promoting? Good luck pal. You need it. But your luck won't get better, soon, as long as you allow a certain satanic narcissist to be a mod.
  12. lol this is just a fun thread for those of you who are wondering what in the devil could have gotten into pmurT's Avi lately
  13. uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, last time you checked the holy bible, it is a pretty big deal to defeat The Devil ... so I use my avatar to pay homage to my colossal victory over a satanic sweet bitch mod who had more power than me in an arena where I outsmarted/I used mod's power against that same satanic sweet bitch mod now you need to ante-up so we can move on
  14. Nope. Not according to that thread where you got your asshole, kicked-in, and there is nothing you can do to change that. Ever.
  15. Nope. Forum members gave me credit. Go check the posts in the thread. No matter what you say, the facts will not change. Like I said, we can go to the thread and re-read or re-hash or review the many, many proofs that your ass got, kicked-in, when your dumb brain tried to contend with me. You are an idiot. Your brain cannot reach the tier upon wihch my brain functions. Quit, while you're ahead. Before I embarass you, again, to a point of where you resort to abusing your authority on my account you sweet bitch
  16. You are a whiny sweet bitch, and no mod nor website owner can change that fact. Ever. ...hehe...
  17. No whining here. But there is public proof that your asshole got, kicked-in, and you owe it all to me that the forum laughed at you. You need me to link up some posts, from that thread??? No member has embarassed your nonsense, like I do, and there is nothing you can ever do to change that. Ever.
  18. hey @kfools ... I regret to inform you, that a sissified whiny sweet bitch mod ( @lucifershammer ) who likes to lose, self-control, is running around the website embarassing your intelligence again/embarassing your decision-making again with respect to you choosing mods.
  19. of course you see all of my messages, because that is what an authority-abusing mod does ... he has to always be aware of which members are a, threat, like when kfools showed my private message where we laughed at how you got defeated by me. Period. You swung your nonsense my way and got your asshole, kicked-in, and since that is in kfools public posts too then it makes sense you can't get over it/you can't get beyond how I stymied your punkASS on this website ...hehe....
  20. Nope. Liar. I sent you a private message only to, remind, of how you are sweet bitch who is compelled to abuse your authority and there is nothing you can to change that about yourself and my private message cut you, deep, as according to your whiny sissified girly-man reply to my private message
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