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  1. I agree this obsession is getting beyond, weird, when I can make a comment that proves a mod is wrong ---so he changes my Avatar, as a result of the hissyfit he had. If you have no problem with a mod who loses self-control to that, degree, then you are clearly part of the problem who needs to come join us who are part of the solution.
  2. Have the rules changed, asshole? Do the rules still say on the boards, asshole? Does the "board" include PMs or does the board refer only to public posting, asshole?
  3. Nope. BLM said fuck Biden BWAHAHAHAHAHHHH!!
  4. Please explain, how that mod's miserable life, is not hindering your goal to promote and build upon this website?? And can you inform me if this is what always happens when he gets defeated?? Does he go weeks and weeks losing self-control, onto whoever defeated him?
  5. Yes, a sweet bitch mod, will go into other members private PMs to read them ---we already know that!--- so please, please stop bragging about being a sweet bitch mod in here LOL ... NONETHELESS, that does not change the fact that PMs are not posted to the board, they are posted in private.
  6. PMs are NOT posted to the board, they are posted in private ... DUH?!!!!
  7. Fucc off, cornball. The rules specifically say, publicly, unless a certain sweet bitch mod has changed the rules to suit his agenda again
  8. Not true yall. Biden launched his resignation strategy, with this injury. Its been planned for months by the DNC Pelosi and the rest
  9. hey its however you want to get murdered on the issues pal, however you want it
  10. Nope. You stupid liar. The member said "PM me" which means contact me, in private, to receive the information in question here. Yes and since you clearly saw that post just like every other member here...then it is proof that there was no need, whatsoever, for you to post your stupid dumb irrelevant opinion. But, you already knew that. You were just taking another opportunity, to show that being a mod is the most meaningful thing in your Life so you have become a narcissist within that moderating position. You sad, miserable lunatic.
  11. shut up, idiot. it is against rules, only if it gets posted publicly
  12. any topic, any thread, any time ... your dumb brain is mine w/ no narratives, only imperatives
  13. guess how many Evangelicals were dumb enough to do like, you did, and voted for Biden after believing the MSM lies Pelosi and Schumer and Schiff directed about the President?
  14. keep fatmouthing ... its fine with me I have already invalidated your nonsense on several levels already even before you went on hiatus ...back when I first came to NHB to dine/enjoyed seeing you on the menu
  15. you list the topic, you go write your e-Will, you meet me in that thread, then you get murdered on the issues. real plain, real simple.
  16. With all due respect to whatever are your sexual preferences sir, please, do refrain from including us heterosexuals into your gay fantasies that you post on this website
  17. she loves mine too, and its a very small white man's d*ick thanks to our Neanderthal ancestors atop Caucus Mtn
  18. Exactly. Your dumb brain would, bust, trying to navigate through what's on my bookshelf: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz works on notations of Calculus Principles of Multi-Variable Calculus aka Differential Equations Green Tao Theorem Spook Who Sat By The Door Douglas C. North works Donald Goines works (for the Russian models who come stay the weekend) Philosophies of Tyler Burge ...it goes on and on, tiers, above your level of thinking...
  19. @IcebergSlim and @RickyTavy any topic, any thread; I provide eWhipping fools dread!
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