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  1. You should be able to follow that you asked no mod no admin for, no proof, when you made a fallacious ad hom list of members who you hallucinated about being trolls and having multiple accounts.
  2. Exactly. And by way of you making that exact blind, whimsical, unfounded claim against members who you do not appreciate, as you claim they login to not follow the rules; Ad Hominem attack!
  3. The building up of enough pressure against President Trump and his family and staff to force him to resign AND the attempts to put pressure on a majority of the Cabinet through personal and political pressure, blackmailing, persuading or threatening in order to get them to invoke section IV of the 25th amendment and remove the President from office
  4. The main stream media campaign to turn public opinion against the President by developing media narratives that criticize President Trump for whatever he says or does
  5. In all due respect to whatever are your sexual preferences, sir, I ask that you please refrain from including me in your gay fantasies you post on this website.
  6. It is your choice to come here, trolling, but remember that your efforts cannot change the facts nor truths laid out in this thread. I posted facts, you posted emotions. Thanks. You may now swallow your blue 'participation' bill. ROFL
  7. Only in the minds of you and other hallucinating Democrat voters like @benson13 ... ROFL ... no matter how many lies you all congregate here to tell, on Trump, it won't change the fact that he never committed crimes against the USA. Ever. So he won't need a pardon.
  8. I said all throughout this thread, especially on page 1 ... the thread title and OP are proof. It is exactly an ad hom attack by claiming posters needed to create multiple accounts. No matter how you slice it, it is ad hom. Why? Because you have no knowledge no info no, nothing, to verify that you made a factual/truthful claim against posters you are crying and weeping about. Face this. Exactly. I mean, unless you have proof that you used troll as a celebratory, esteemed noun? Exactly. Just like I already said about your flagrancy here. It is exactly an ad hom attack by your unfair nonsensical claim re: any poster needed to create multiple accounts. No matter how you slice it, it is ad hom. Why? Again, because you have no knowledge no info no, nothing, to verify that you made a factual/truthful claim against posters you are crying and weeping about. Face this.
  9. Here. Yes and in other places, on page 1, you do in fact resort to ad hom all because you do not agree with the way members present anti-Democrat remarks. Like I said, this entire thread is ad hom ---as in, you have no Right/no Business applying this label nor this act onto posters who you know nothing about nor are privy to any of their login parameters for to fairly deem any poster a troll nor deeming any poster as having multiple accounts.
  10. Yes, but it cannot be used in any court case if the President was not first asked if he was okay with the recording and did agree to be recorded. But that is not the issue here, so don't fall for the okie doke. The issue here is that his words are okay and harmless, but just like with Ukraine the Democrats are attempting to turn his words into something which they are not. He is clear and concise in asking Raff to intervene in a frauded election ---which is an impeachable offense only for Presidents named Trump.
  11. You being factually true here, does not change the illegal horrors that Globalism's Democrats used to rape Trump's Presidency. For example I laid out a long list of red pill events, by which you strategically and intentionally did not address those actual events nor what they reveal about Trump's havoc he reaked upon the swamp ---altho you made sure to address the results of citizens learning about Trump's navigating through those horrid events. No, not since Trump had to fight off a coup against him, for 4 straight years. And even in his last three weeks, a phone call to GA Secy Of State begging him to intervene in a frauded election ---has been satanically morphed into Trump needs to be impeached for begging Raffensberger to intervene/stop GA election fraud. Yes. Another red pill event unfolded just yesterday after I created this thread.
  12. And like I said earlier... you Liberal Loons can try to deflect all day, but that won't change the fact that you all are the exact reason that this website's owner just had to intro a debate forum ---now that you all learned from Biden Pelosi Schumer CNN & Co. that there is no longer a need to login to NHB to debate and discuss a damn thing thats real and true ---if it makes light of Democrats' corruption.
  13. Exactly. So you took that ad hom route when creating this thread's OP and title and also when you deluded to some members within your remarks throughout this thread.
  14. No, you're wrong. He hired John Bolton off of FOX-News because Trump was not a Neocon and he needed to fill positions as he knew nothing about the Party. You Liberal Lunatics were so flawlessly brainwashed by, CNN, to whereas you forgot when Trump rode down that escalator in June 2015 he vowed to clean the swamp of Dems and Repubs' swamp creatures ---as he said "It just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans. Now, it shouldn't be that way. But if you go back, I mean it just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats...But certainly we had some very good economies under Democrats, as well as Republicans. But we've had some pretty bad disaster under the Republicans." In a July 2015 interview, Trump said that he has a broad range of political positions and that "I identify with some things as a Democrat.". Trump is not a politician, and you hated him for that.
  15. Quit sleepwalking, Trump aint a neo-con. And that is why we support him and his Movement to drain the swamp of Neocons. yo....Just like your dad
  16. The attempts by the Democratic governors and mayors to refuse to request the president to send in the National Guard or military further undercutting the Presidents authority AND the attempts by the Secretary of Defense to issue restrictive orders of engagement to limit the effectiveness of the National Guard and military including restricting weapons and ammunition
  17. The attempts of the military officers to object to the use of the Insurrection Act suggesting that the President does not have the mental stability required to faithfully execute the Constitutional duties required of the President
  18. The initiation and continuation of a military coup where prominent retired and current military officers go public to oppose President Trump openly blaming him for squelching the first amendment free speech rights of the protesters
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