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  1. Sounds like a basement-loveseat problem you are having in your life ... go down there/tell @kfools @lucifershammer and @SpyCar to go home now.
  2. Exactly. Nothing wrong with recalculating a frauded election. Trump said the correct words.
  3. Good catch of that typo, you sweet bitch mod ... I meant to type .net and there isnt a damn thing you can do about that fact now take your punkAZZ over there and learn how to moderate without a hard-on feat. your miserable life abusing your authority ---take kfools and lucifer to class with you over there ROFL
  4. They are spooked, they are scared, they are frightened of China's/The Democrat's cancel culture ---just like we saw from SCOTUS Justices a few weeks ago re: WI MI PA GA election fraud.
  5. Its not that ballots were illegally cast, its about a GA Democrats' strategy to count every illegal vote and to illegally change the GA voting laws in order to count every illegal vote. That is something that the SoS could have prevented, but refused to do so. Therefore Trump was talking to the correct person in that phone call and making the correct demands in that phone call re: the illegal ballots which Raff allowed corrupt Democrat Fulton County election officials to count.
  6. Not according to my posts on LiberalForum.com you know, where mods do not abuse their authority like how your punkAZZ used to be.
  7. Remember, those are the same feelings you use to support and coSign a mod who is satanic and bans members for breaking no rules and admits that he reads other members' private msg's to each other. You are worse than asshats in BLM & ANTIFA ---because unlike your punkAZZ at least they do not, pretend, that they are doing good in their actions. And thanks, for proving me wrong that you made a lucifer decision to ban 5x5 after you intentionally misconstrued his efforts in SPAMMING. And no, you do not tell me to 'avoid away' after I already informed you that is what I am doing research for here. You dumb bitch.
  8. illegally cast ballots. that fact won't change, no matter how many lies you tell today. Face it. We will never join you Democrat Demons, to ignore factual fraud in this election. Impeach Trump all you want, it still won't make the fraud disappear therefore Trump had BETTER keep pointing it out and citing it. Forevermore.
  9. Why? Because you were a cool member, at one point, so it concerns me if I need to avoid you now that you've turned into a sweet bitch mod abusing your authority in order to be accepted by Admin? you pathetic little gerbil, go send me to hell now for my Adios, America's Auspicious Abatjour thread ---you know, since I'm just posting videos over and over in there like 5x5 did to get banned
  10. Trump has it, Trump showed it, Trump was shitted upon when courts and polticians refused to address it/refused to interface it. That is not Trump's fault, so stop blaming him because YOUR fav politicians try to wipe the USA ELECTION CLEAN by ignoring democrat's fraud.
  11. affidavits, Dominion Voting Sys apps, video surveillance, you name it and it exists ---but make sure you do not make the, mistake, of blaming Trump because anti-Trumpists politicians and judges refuses to interface fraud evidence.
  12. You mean, all you can do is ignore the factual reality that Trump can continue to refer to proven fraud ---even when the Georgia SoS refuses to address/refuses to acknowledge the proven fraud.
  13. Yes, he is trying to get the Georgia SoS to stop GA fraud that did in fact occur. No matter how many lies you tell here, today, it still will not change the facts of the matter regarding fraud which Georgia Democrats executed.
  14. I created a thread where I am only posting videos, in an Adios, America's Auspicious Abatjour ---so am I spamming by posting different videos over and over.
  15. what? is he posting the same video, over and over? Or is he making different points, within posting different videos? damn. you are the last person I would have thought to join forces with the satanic reasoning and the demonic rationale, of lucifer and kfools
  16. find = locate the legal votes, and replace them with the fraudulant votes which made Biden the winner. Face this.
  17. You idiot, it is not Trump's fault that GA Secy Of State made a conscious strategic choice to ignore voter fraud and election officials' illegal activity. Trump is not obliged to stop referring to, facts, just because anti-Trumpists have decided to turn blind eyes to facts. ...fixed
  18. He lied, clearly. We hear Trump's words. We hear Trump doing nothing but trying to get Raff to intervene in Democrat's fraudulant efforts. No matter how many lies you tell on Trump's words, it will not change that he never once asked Raff to do anything illegal ---the SCOTUS already verified it, when they knew that they were going to refuse to address the voter fraud in GA so Trump addressed it for them in that phone call. But hey, continue to tell lies on Trump here ---it has not stopped you since Nov 2016 so no need for you to stop before Jan 20th
  19. What rule did he violate? Please do not tell me you have resorted to towing the line for sissified sloths in Admin...PLEASE???
  20. Raff lied. Thats why he ran to an ANTI-Trump tv network with his bullshit, because he knows how easy it is to get them to support anti-Trump theories and witchhunts.
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