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  1. I disagree. I think white folk should keep calling the police. But that's oooooonly to kill several racist birds with one (1) stone: If police show up, as racism's rogues, then they get prosecuted along with any racist white folk who called them. If police show up, as good cops, then only the racist white folk who called them will be prosecuted. This is exactly why President Trump just signed that great police reform, along with other recent goodies for Black America, to show our nation his great love for Black citizens.
  2. Actually the creators of BLM do have the exact message as MLK. The mistake that we clueless or evil white people make, is believing that every violent looting thug who hollers "Black lives, matter!!" is automatically a member of the peaceful, loving organization called BLM.org which started that whole campaign in 2012 when Obama DOJ refused to prosecute Zimmerman for violating Trayvon's civil rights. They even declined Obama's 2015 invite to the WH if you check. So few of us people even realize that the founders of the actual BLM movement (apparently 3 lovely negro women) do not hold the Dem party in high regard.
  3. ...hmmmm... Ghana's request might be a little, displaced, considering how most negro slaves who wound up in North America did originate from Israel. Yes. Those original Israelites/Hebrews were exiled from Israel by Ashkenazims. So they fled that holocaust and dispersed throughout west Africa. They wound up being the negros who were the most physically-appealing, to White slave traders, therefore those negros were pursued the most as slaves to sell to the Americas.
  4. Can you provide any proofs, of this? Any links?? I cannot recall President Trump ever "trying" to shut down the government ---which is why the government actions helped our economy hit record highs prior to Kung Flu. I recall him trying to defund the GOVT portion paid to Obamacare, sure, but I am certain that you have not deemed that as Trump shutting down the government.
  5. Exactly ---those companies which fear being demonized by deceitful Dem's cancel culture, no doubt.
  6. ...hmmmm... I figured he was highly intelligent tho his soapbox stands upon a flawed foundation or a peculiar instruction indeed
  7. Huawei?? Heyyyy I thought President Trump banned your flights from landing in the USA! ... LOL ... go home, and find a way to defeat Kung Flu!
  8. Who is Lou Dobbs? ... BLM=HATE??? Why do you say that?? Is it due to BLM org's founders declining Obama's invitation to the White House, in 2015, because they said Obama's not serious about ending police brutality??
  9. Oh, so they were bogus/frivolous lawsuits then, since Trump cannot violate civil rights by merely securing a specific region of our borders. Only clueless uninformed people who watch FakeNews, think Trump violated any civil rights by protecting Americans from foreigners, and yes judges in the 9th Circuit are blind Dems leading the blind.
  10. ...or... its because so many multi-millions of negros today still fill that freedom is connected to, Dr. MLKJr, considering Black America faithfully voted for Republicans ---up until Martin Luther King Sr. met with JFK & RFK in early 1960 and promised to deliver them the Black voting bloc. Well, it worked. Perfectly!
  11. No. I mean this Elijah McClain: btw im still waiting to find out if you have any of those cannibal videos about negros here, in the USA, with respect to me staying 'on-topic' with the title of this thread?? oh and feel free to elaborate on any "simian mentality" mr. Elijah McClain displayed LOL do you think it possibly was the way he played that darn violin for all of our fellow White people?!!!
  12. it is the BIGGER deal of Dems politicizing the choice to wear a mask. Just exactly like they used the MSM's FakeNews outlets to politicize our nation's fight against the Kung FLU, since January, as the Dems reach for any deceitful edge they can gain against President Trump.
  13. Outstanding vid, great info, but IMHO a not-so-great title lol. Since the New Jim Crow is alive and well in the north and south then the vid's title potentially marginalizes the veracity of 2020 New Jim Crow Laws. Nonetheless, this story is a primadonna. Thanks for posting it.
  14. President Trump makes sure that our Black citizens understand why fake news outlets call him a bigot. See, look: ..
  15. I think you might've watched too much cnn at the wrong, time, so you missed the part where kamala also sent honest hardworking Blacks into the criminal justice system yes those who paid taxes every paycheck --but then screwed up and smoked a bong twice a day lol. Well, those same Blacks are all done with Kamala's probations and fines and court fees now as I bet those same Blacks will remember that racist, on Election Day, and so will their families & friends all across the USA lol Although not as many as we hope will remember that Beijing's Biden sent an entire generation of inner-city Black males, to prison, thanks to his racist 1994 Crime Bill (1996-2014) as President Trump fortunately remedied that bigotry of Bidens' yes when Trump and Kanye West's lovely wife Kim immortalized The First Step Act for black people. Yes that same bigot orange shitgibbon also signed the Future Act for Black people just 7 months ago lol. Black people know that Trump loves them.
  16. lol yeah especially if Kamala has to explain why her war on drugs placard so many Black citizens with sins within our criminal justice system. Pence will have a big problem explaining why his state didn't match Kamala's output lol
  17. The Dems of black America should all feel real proud of themselves for helping choose that treacherous tandem; the sole two (2) politicians who's actions have sent the most Black citizens into the criminal justice system, over the past 20yrs.
  18. I cannot appreciate the poli-Inaccuracy of that slogan showing in the Avatar, of @IcebergSlim , because since 1960 the Dem Party has shown Black America that pimping is very very easy.
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