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  1. Institution of mail-in ballots and the theft of the election by ballot harvesting and the subsequent gaining of control of the House and Senate and putting a Democratic President in Office
  2. release of COVID-20 a more deadlier strain of virus killing even the youthful and strong Another triggered lock-down forcing the death of the US economy and dollar
  3. No, you go look at how to quit trying to use word trickery. You chimed in with some, bullshit, and you know its true. Its not SPAM if he is posting different videos. Tell the truth, or shut up.
  4. Exactly, a *huuuuje* part of the red pill reality that woke all of us up. There is no hiding from these hits. See, look: https://gellerreport.com/2020/02/mccabe-admits-coup.html/ https://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/trump_administration/february_2019/most_see_crime_in_justice_fbi_coup_against_trump_want_special_prosecutor
  5. ROFL ask him to post the one where Schiff swears Hunter Biden's laptop evidence resulted from Russia disinformation efforts ---right after he left out of the Intel meeting where the evidence was proven to be authentic and factually from Hunter's laptop.
  6. best stuff you have posted in, months, and I am glad to see that you're human
  7. Yes, I agree. Literally in the thread title you go ad hom while, simultaneously, being too self-centered and/or too clueless to even realize the reality that once you had no proof no evidence no, nothing, you were flagrant by namecalling or claiming that people are trolls or sox here. Face this. By which you used no evidence no facts no proof no, nothing, to make your nonsensical claim does mean that yes you just went ad hom once again. LOL. You're making this too easy for me bro You should be able to follow that you asked no mod no admin for, no proof, when you made a fallacious ad hom list of members who you hallucinated about being trolls and having multiple accounts. No you're attempting to use, word trickery, by which I am not buying it. You already admitted that you have no evidence, whatsoever, to namecall people trolls or sox/multi-acct holders. You admitted it. Therefore once you stooped as low as, namecalling, you then went ad hom. Face this. And no it is not possible to end this, here, since it never even started then we can't possibly end it.
  8. Nope. I assume that you know it is, illogical, to not be able to have debates where even a neutral person can go to whatever.com to ensure any debate contributor is posting facts and not opinion ---if they are deemed a winner especially.
  9. dude. i will destroy you on any topic, any time, with no assistance from an op-ed from whatever.com ---but that does not change what can be verified at whatever.com Face this. and stop blaming me because you are too, dumbfucc'd, to comprehend the veracity of using verified facts and truths according to sources you can't dispute from whatever.com whenever I verify that I perfected an opinion.
  10. No. I addressed nothing of the sort. I only acknowledged how your remarks are not based in, logic, if you expect a forum of biased liberal lunatics to be forthright and honest ---to a magnitude where debates are prohibited from using whatever.com for verifying what is fact vs what is opinion.
  11. I have no control over your hallucinations here
  12. most-sadly predicatable; you are actually sitting here trying to justify why it is NOT a good idea to use whatever.com aids for the purpose of truthfully distinguishing facts from opinions.
  13. And you think that there is not a way to post links from "whatever.com" which verifies what is fact versus what is opinion, about any issue whatsoever: PATHETIC!
  14. dont be so hard on your mother up in here LOL I will hurt your, feelings, about that lady
  15. be careful with your word trickery, because if we get into journals and congressional webpages and etc ... then those are including in what I referenced. Keep my words in context, even when they prove that you are being illogical.
  16. ...hmmmm... I better get my eyes checked then. Because I went to the videos ---and they are different. It is not the same video, over and over, so please provide links to what you saw that I must've missed when I searched. thx in adv
  17. ...hmmm... Interesting. Using your logic then what is done to extinguish TEAMMATEism that can reign supreme when deciding who won any debate? For example, if I am debating and I tell a truth which clearly wins me the debate. What guards and defenses do I have, if 15 Liberals come screaming that I lost because I lied? external reputable certified media facts would decide who is telling a lie vs who is telling the truth, in an unbiased way too.
  18. Or, maybe you should lay out how Trump ---or any American--- could have prevented that catastrophe. If you have no eligible, candidate, then please do the correct thing here and extend an apology to Trump for the harlequinade you just posted here. Fair?
  19. Thanks, Auspicious Abatjour! For resisting China's/The Democrat's coup, flawlessly, as their satanism continues this day onto your phone call w/ Georgia's Secy of Treason Raffensberger:
  20. hey fuklordian, you already knew that on the day he gave them their very own safe space on this platform, so quit playing stupid about what you've signed onto here.
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