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  1. She is highly intelligent then kept an influential career and raised two beautiful productive kids plus supported a spouse who cheated on her with another man, so yes, VERY empowering STROOOONG woman if you gauge womanhood power.
  2. No, my foolish friend. Pelosi did nothing here. So please harness your anti-Trump deceit as you pretend to be an undecided voter. Everyone knows that DeJoy only paid lip service, today, as he copied a veracious current Dem tactic. Yes. I guarantee that DeJoy will continue those exact same "initiatives" as soon as he renames them, and the Dems will not know until it's too close to Election Day...why? All because the Dems showed their hand here, re: how desperate they are to execute fraudulent voting for electIon day .
  3. So you cheered on rioters looters vandals and prostestors with no masks on ---over the past 70 days!--- oh but now you want voters to stay home? And mail in their ballot??? Why do you hate American voters so much? Is it because you know, technically, President Trump has already been reelected?
  4. Yes, as a Harvard grad, and one of the most brilliant female attys in the history of illInois eh? lol
  5. Since Michelle Obama entered the White House and copied other First Ladies who came before her, in various ways, your words here just show how desperate and forlorn you Dems are in the election Race.
  6. No, he said an empirical number. We don't know what he meant, but he definitely gave an empirical number that is in fact incorrect. That can't be overlooked as far as we should be fair to him and only go by what we know he in fact posted, and not what we think he meant. And if you think the clear reality of racism against non-Whites upon this website, is trivial, then it might be saying a lot about you that you were not aware of.
  7. Stop hallucinating in here. If there was a case against Trump, then it would not have been a need for Michelle's husband to spy on Trump's campaign ---a spying effort which turned up nothing.
  8. I am honored, that you are addressing my observation. Nonetheless I strongly disagree with your analysis ---in light of the website facts. There are many examples verifying this as a pro-Racism forum, and from my perspective, recruiting is not one of them ---mainly because I don't ever see any group nor sect, recruiting here. So I can't include that in my analysis. A few examples I focus on are ... if there are specific minority groups who members here often uplift or often criticize?? According to the discussions, negros are that only group. Minus illegal imms who
  9. STRONG: “Somebody please explain to @MichelleObama that Donald J. Trump would not be here, in the beautiful White House, if it weren’t for the job done by your husband, Barack Obama," It is a known fact that Trump won because millions of negros and Whites stayed away from the polls on Election Day after Obama asked voters to help Hillary finished what he started. The raping of USA citizens by handing America over to illegal imms. STRONG: “Biden was merely an afterthought, a good reason for the very late & unenthusiastic endorsement.” Michelle only endorsed Biden,
  10. Bullshit. Do you need links from MAR - MAY to several weeks in a row/national news and #fakenews, showing Dems on Capitol Hill and in the Dem states, angry that Trump kept stalling on shutting down Fed agencies physical manpower? Even as we type here, Repub-controlled states have put forth the most effort to reopen the economy whereas Dem-controlled states have stressed keeping everything locked down and out of the public ---unless you are ANTIFA/fake-BLM rioting and looting and vandalizing, of course.
  11. Everytime facts get posted that expose Dem Party's treachery, you always respond with propagandized-hyperbole. That is the kind of thing which Undecided Voters need to know about, if considering being your teammate by voting for Biden
  12. This is the one premise I get pissed @ Trump for not mentioning more, to help undecided voters realize the Dem party's deceit... The Dems shutdown cities/furloughed the USA workforce ---then they blamed Trump for the unemployment rate that they themselves caused. There is no way the Dem party should be allowed to operate in the USA ever again.
  13. from MAR 2018- FEB 2020 Trump Admin built "the greatest economy in history, of any country" ... Plus he "turned it off, to save millions of lives" when The Dem Party & China sent COVID 19 to kill Americans...and now? Trump is turning it back on by building an even greater economy than it was before ---if you go by current jobs numbers and there's nothing your deceit can do to change those facts, you anti-Heterosexual globalist!
  14. President Trump on Tuesday hit back at former first lady Michelle Obama, saying he wouldn’t have been elected “if it weren’t for the job done” by her husband, former President Barack Obama. "Somebody please explain to @MichelleObama that Donald J. Trump would not be here, in the beautiful White House, if it weren’t for the job done by your husband, Barack Obama," Trump tweeted early Tuesday. He added: “Biden was merely an afterthought, a good reason for the very late & unenthusiastic endorsement.” The president went on to tout his administration for buildin
  15. I agree, yesterday's opening to the 2020 DNC was treacherous indeed. It redefined the evils of group think LOL they literally chided Trump for committing atrocities that he has never committed altho they commit those atrocities daily.
  16. Don't Blame Donald Trump if... Even if all presidential votes were cast through the mail and sent on the same day, they would amount to 30 percent of a single day's volume. NICK GILLESPIE | 8.14.2020 3:35 PM By now you've probably heard that President Donald Trump and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy "are sabotaging democracy in plain sight" through a mix of nefarious ploys, ranging from removing "blue Post Office drop boxes" to scrapping mail-sorting machines to allegedly mandating a slowdown in delivering the mail. The upshot of th
  17. I read it. And you are hallucinating here. Like @Imgreatagain, I also think you should be more specific and lay out what you claim is hateful. So you can be corrected and enjoy Dem Party tenets/talking points being invalidated in your life.
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