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  1. Quit trolling in here. You already received a vaccine response, when I reminded that Trump kept his word and got the vaccine to America's states in WARP SPEED. So you look like a damn fool, by continuing to blame Trump for something that he has no control over and no participation with ---in terms of disbursing the vaccine to American's arms. Blame Dem mayors and Dem governors, for falling their residents. News people asked Biden and Harris why they aren't being more transparent ---especially in light of the controversies and fraud. When they asked that question today, Joe Biden cut them off of the ZOOM call. What do you think Biden was trying to tell them, going forward, by kicking them out of the ZOOM call for questioning his corrupt behavior? Are you too afraid to reply??
  2. hey @calguy @slideman @Fit2Serve @Zaro @FivebyFive @benson13 @drvoke @Dontlooknowdo you see why we keep calling this the United States of China now??? Do you see what your vote got us, for America?? Please pack your bags, and move to Beijing next to where China will place Biden's Oval Office.
  3. Didn't they hear? This is what made Biden electable! Right @calguy @slideman @Fit2Serve @benson13 @Zaro ???
  4. Exactly. But thats oooonly when it comes to The Dem Party's fake fucc blame game. Even you would refuse to believe whatever comes out of the mouths of those attempting a coup against Trump. I just got done, yesterday, blaming Trump for something that I disagree with that he did. Because when it comes to my candidate, I am willing to admit when she/he did something wrong ---but never, I repeat, never will I agree with deceitful Democrats when they blame my candidate for nonsense. Yep. But thats oooonly in regards to your, fatuity, which helped elect Beijing Biden to lead the United States of China that you love.
  5. Ain't Trump's fault. Trump delivered the vaccine dosages in, Warp Speed, by which Trump does not make state's policies on how the dosages are disbursed. Same reality that you all ignored when it came to how Trump does not decide how each state fights COVID, he only makes recommendations, and since Dem governors and Dem mayors mock his recommendations then Dem mayors and Dem governors are the reason there are 300,000 dead Americans.
  6. You idiot, Trump is not in charge of sending out vaccines. Stop blaming Trump because Dem mayors and Dem governors keep screwing up the vaccine disbursement processes in their regions.
  7. Good post. You should now clearly comprehend what is meant by, dirty, concerning ineligible residents being left on the scrolls with confirmed voters.
  8. You're kidding, right? You are a very intelligent being, so its weird to read you ask such a nonsensical question
  9. That's just it, dumbASS, courts had them entered as evidence as a, deadend, as courts then refused to extend them any further due process. They are now just pieces of, paper, which a court did nothing with and did nothing about. Same thing as the SCOTUS did with, Texas, when they let the evidence be submitted then did absolutely nothing about the evidence and the infraction after they were entered as evidence. Same thing that AZ NV and MI did to Trump cases, when they just call it all insufficient evidence. China worked this heist to perfection!! https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/elections/2020/12/23/judge-tosses-senate-demand-maricopa-county-turn-over-ballots/4035076001/?itm_source=parsely-api https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2020/12/11/supreme-courts-arizona-michigan-nevada-rejected-claims-voter-fraud/3869239001/ https://www.forbes.com/sites/alisondurkee/2020/12/09/nevada-supreme-court-rejects-trump-campaign-election-lawsuit-and-voter-fraud-claims/
  10. I agree. You should move, instead of trying to turn this great nation into the United States of China ---now take Beijing Biden, and go! LOL
  11. ...hmmmmm... actually, she was grilling me about why I loathe @lucifershammer
  12. @impartialobserver check out these great points brought up by a journalist ... https://theundefeated.com/features/dwayne-haskins-is-out-in-washington-but-he-isnt-the-only-one-to-blame/ ...Haskins entered the NFL with his passing hand tied behind his back, as has every quarterback drafted in the first round (including Patrick Ramsey, Jason Campbell and Robert Griffin III) by the most dysfunctional organization in professional sports over the last generation or so. Initially foisted upon a coaching staff that didn’t want him and then begrudgingly accepted by a new staff tasked with salvaging an unsalvageable situation, Haskins was ill-equipped to rise above it all and thrive in a toxic environment. ...Haskins’ supporters will say that he was set up to fail, a rookie quarterback playing for a head coach who was openly hostile to his mere presence. There’s definitely something to that. ...Rivera’s mistake, as it turned out, was that he went too far in building up Haskins, to pull the plug as quickly as he did. It was a rookie mistake by a coach who is anything but a rookie. ...You can talk all you want about removing a team captaincy and fining a player, but here’s what Rivera’s decision to start Haskins screamed: establishing the right type of culture is great and all, but it goes out the window if I can win the division in my first year and Haskins is my best option, albeit an awful one. Nothing much noble in that.
  13. Baker Mayfield was trifling, off the field, and did not get cut. Haskins was trifling off the field and that is mainly why he was cut. If I was you I would be careful in trying to justify a slippery slope of cutting a 2ndyr QB for playing horribly on a 5-9 team with a subpar offensive system. Baker was 6-10 with great offensive players. Baker Mayfield year 2 had better weapons and better protection and a better team, than Haskins, and that is the overwhelming factor which makes this look peculiar what they did to Haskins.
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