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  1. Fail. He did not define systematic and you lack the authority to do it here. But you can agree that any unfair irregularity is, real, and it needs to be addressed if we will continue to brag that we have the best fairest elections on Earth. You cannot fleece that fact, EVER, so stay keen to make sure you do not waste time trying to.
  2. I do believe it would be the raw sewage, splooge, secreted into your mother's Fallopian tubes abbbbbout 9 months before the day you were born
  3. I see what you did here. Your evidence is non-existent so you applied what it is called the Ad Hominem Fallacy argument here. iow What do your nonsense remarks here, have to do with the Gateway Pundit org possessing facts? Do facts matter to you?? Clearly you frown upon Gateway Pundit for revealing, facts, but you refuse to frown upon the perps who Gateway Pundit hath exposed. Therefore guess what that makes you, here in America? HINT:
  4. Perfect response ---for you Dem Party voters who hate the, USA, therefore you either voted for Biden or you mailed-in illegal ballots for Biden or both.
  5. bullshit. the fine print does not explain it. @lucifershammer wrote the fine print, so we already know there will automatically be something unfair and Kobold about it.
  6. Yes. He really is that fucking stupid.
  7. Is there a poll option for; Five stays. You leave, forever. Five spamming the board is not haaaardly as bad as, you, altering members' account without our knowledge nor our permission and worst of all you bragged about reading our private messages to each other.
  8. Only in the eyes of you Lunatic Liberals. We are his supporters and we feel that he actually raised the bar, for behavior, and that is because you all cannot comprehend it that some citizens dislike politicians. Yes and that is why we voted for The President so he can disrespect politicians and be rude to politiicians and protect us from politicians. Trump did a great job of that ---but I bet you do not notice it how he was never rude and offensive, to you, as he was that way toward only politicians and media outlets who attempted a coup against him. Whereas you love
  9. Biden's team said we need to bury the "America first!" attitude and pathway https://www.scmp.com/news/china/diplomacy/article/3097858/us-must-forget-america-first-counter-china-challenges-biden Wow. This is unreal.
  10. Its out the window now. China already said they want to negotiate with Biden's team but only if they scrape the 'America First' ideology that The President has whipped China with for the past 4yrs. Your remarks here are of a treason level which deserves you to be thrown in, prison, for posting this in light of your sabotage of The President prior to the election.
  11. Oh, of course it is the defense. Its called case study, its called tradition, its called 'how-the-fucc-is-it-ok-for-1-Prez-but-not-the-next-Prez' ... LOL ... but its okay yes its quite alright. this type of treachery always comes back to bite the orchestrator ...just like when The Dem Party tried to be slick, in 2013, with the Senate's nuclear option. They were warned, it would come back to bite them; enter Amy Coney-Barrett
  12. Not always. When the Obama Criminal Admin was up to bat, it made sure no one talked once they left the stadium's locker room.
  13. You were okay with Obama buying pardons/issuing pardons as a favor, so you should be okay with Trump doing it.
  14. I think he's shown all along, he will go belly up on Trump, at the right moment ... especially now that The Dem Party cancel culture feels like it has free rein across the nation; Bill Barr is doing just like you Liberal Lunatics, hoped for, now that's he focused on protecting his life after the Trump Administration is over.
  15. Right. A pro-swamp DOJ. You can bet Eric Holder did not DARE try to look this deep into any of Obama's 2,000 pardons and commutations which existed along these exact same lines as this Trump ordeal here
  16. I think Trump is a once-in-U.S.-History case where a President should be allowed to pardon himself, in light of the satanic evil Liberal activist judges salivating for him to leave office so they can assist Globalism's dog$hit DAs all around the nation bombard him with trumped-up charges. Yes, pun intended.
  17. That's my point. You have been bamboozled and hoodwinked, into thinking there is impropriety where a usual executive branch privilege is occurring here. Obama got to enjoy that. They refuse to let Trump enjoy that. So Obama was never accused of any wrong doing ---for doing this exact same thing as Trump did here. Because anti-swamp Repubs are not this lowdown, dirty, and conniving onto Democratic processes, so they didn't go after Obama. Same concept regarding your silence on Obama preventing his staff from testifying before Congress ---but Trump needs to face Obstruction of Justice charges
  18. Well I think you need to apply the same standard to both Obama and Trump, and of course, we both know you have no tolerance for fair things like that. You folks have long, long stayed silent on Obama's nearly 2,000 pardons and commutations, in terms of Obama giving out pardons which benefited his livelihood and those who uplifted his livelihood plus advanced his Causes. Here's just a few examples that you horrid hypocrites stayed silent on: https://www.ocregister.com/2017/01/17/a-look-at-obamas-high-profile-clemencies-pardons/ https://www.pewresearch.org/fac
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