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  1. It's so nice to have this weight off my chest. But cannon can show me whatever he wants.
  2. Before I go I must admit it now. My anger stems from being a lonely unloved gay man. If only I could find a good man to love a fat acne scarred boy like me I'd be over the moon.
  3. Not according to msgs and emails I get from members, here, who ask me to please please keep destroying you and lucy like no other member has ever done on this website ----don'tt forget, there is a thread where you even admit that whipped your ass and lucy's ass ----better go delete THAT post, quick!! ROFL
  4. You didn't say that when I donated, anonymously, to this punkAZZ website did you?
  5. Next time you want to complain about experiencing ad hom ---don't create a thread where your sorryASS goes ad hom on people you admit that you know nothing about. Fair?
  6. look at what happened in this thread, as proof, of how I control that moist dude's emotions ... and the emotions of his sweet bitch satanic mods
  7. o damage patrol quick huh?---when people tell the truth about how you run this website eh? BWAHAHAHHHHHH!!
  8. It was never my problem. My problem, was pointing out facts to soft moist bitches like you and @lucifershammer @rippy38 @jrock2310 until your little fee-fees are hurt. Now you wanna ban me. Wahhhhh!! BooHooHoo!! the three soft moist dudes, once again, could not handle pmurT ripping their ass to shreds ---so its authority-abuse time! Whats next? postng more private phone calls to the forum?? I wonder if that other website is that flagrant??
  9. LOL a punkBITCHazz website owner does that quite often, to my account, so I am used to it ... now feel free to abuse your power/do whatever it is that makes you ejaculate off of my acct, you fukn frootcake
  10. You mean, for the FBI that is monitoring this website ---but is not monitoring for some reason. You fake fucc Democrat-in-Disguise.
  11. @jrock2310 You also learned, the next time you want to complain about ad hom you experienced ---don't create a thread where you go ad hom! LOL
  12. well then I guess its good that I givz not one, sweet fuck, about whatever it is you consider me to be eh? ... I've already helped people realilze that you a deranged, bitch, within the very fact that you call yourself running an equitable operation here where you bizarrely allow mods to break rules you have for them and concoct phantom rules and violate member's privacy, with impunity ---just as long as they do it to posters who you do not appreciate posting here. lol A punkBITCHazz website owner like, you, deserves exactly whatever non-sleep you get keeping your punkAZZ awake at night
  13. Its not a question, you dumb deceitful dunce cap wearer LOL it was an assertion he made ---including where he specifically listed members as trolls then admitted he has no proof no evidence no facts no, nothing, which allows him to deem any member as a troll or multi-acct holder. You know this is true ---but like you said, you have no problem with it because he's not disrespecting any specific member who he calls them trolls and multi-acct holders with no evidence and no proof of his claim. ROFL
  14. Of course, because you know that he will post anything in opposition to what I say. Its what he does when it comes to me and certain other members here. Why do you think he ran his sweet ass, here, to chime in on something that has nothing to do with him? Notice how he refused to address the fact that you went ad hom ---he only expressed that he has no problem with what you posted, sooooo... GTFOH you fake fucc. LOL
  15. Again, I recognize that you went ad hom in the thread title when you admit you had no proof no evidence no facts no, nothing, which qualified you to namecall people as trolls and dual acct holders. No matter how many times you, repost, this fact will not change about your flagrancy here. You are a shit starter. Period. And you are too closed-minded to realize that you exposed yourself in the thread and OP here. Exactly. Which then, verified, that you went ad hom in the thread title by making unfounded unproven claims about whoever you have a problem with here ---because your retard-rhetoric deemed them as trolls or dual acct holders. I explained it several times. Several. Go get proof of trolls, then namecall them trolls. Go get proof of dual acct-holders, then namecall them sox. Period. Thank you. For proving me correct again. I am done going over this with you. In conclusion, quit going ad hom on members just because you do NOT appreciate their contributions to the website. Be. Fair! Get proof that they have multi-accts, then you can namecall them sock puppets or multi-acct holders. Face this.
  16. fucc you and your explanation ---LOL--- as you now sound worse the SCOTUS telling Trump to be content with the explanation that they won't address illegal voting laws. Not that illegality never existed, but that the SCOTUS refused to address the fraud. you gave an explanation that he was posting different videos each time, which is not SPAMMING, by definition too as long as the videos are different each time. You admit that he is NOT posting the same exact video each time ---but you still claimed he's SPAMMING. LOL. Clearly, your punkAZZ is trying to be accepted by Admin here and their eternally-moving the goalpost to suit their agenda against certain posters. The fact that the website owner posted dude's phone call, is suspect enough, without you bringing your putrid pink panties along to assist with sabotaging that member 5x5. Now you dumbASS has topped that off, by running up to me here/shooting your mouth off, about an issue I have with 6shooter which has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with what you ---once again, using me as your vehicle to try to impress Admin--- since you know Admin does not appreciate me posting on this website. You are OFFICIALLY a punkBITCHazz mod now. Please do not address again, for any reason ---unless you are banning me for a violation you made up out of thin air. LOL.
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