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  1. ...hmmm... Is this a trick question? Or, an oxy-moron?? Or, you have been away from Earth, since Nov 2016?? ... iow ... What Administration has to pardon so many people close to the President? You ask Well, the same Administration that just endured a coup from The Dem Party: the 4 major networks blacked-out the U.S. President, unlike anything we have seen so far in USA television news history. the Dem Party did illegally spy on his campaign > than one month after he won the election the Dem Party already showed their
  2. quit trolling in here, you bum! get back on topic ---now!! ...hehe...
  3. I have no control over your hallucinations here. I already laid out but a few of Obama's hundreds of peculiar, Kobold, unethical pardons ---where the Trump DOJ refused to go after Obama once Jan 2017 came. Have fun playing pretend, and keep hoping you are not around when the Dem Party's Globalism dominos start falling down
  4. Exactly. And that is what the cops are for. Especially when you tell them that a darkskinned-negro male is the one playing loud music. They speed up their response then ---no matter where you are in the USA. Therefore, Keegan is guilty of White racism ---and he should be put to, death, since that White racism caused him to kill a negro.
  5. You're kidding right? It is not self-defense if you initiate a deadly confrontation ---and that is why he was arrested.
  6. You idiot, the gun did not get up and go outside to shoot the teenager. Stop blaming the gun, for a derange Democrat's behavior.
  7. Whataboutism is, great, when it is proven to be dreadfully true ---in terms of unfair, satanic treatment President Trump receives vs how Obama was treated within the exact same scenarios
  8. Its okay for Obama to have pardons for sale, but not okay for Trump to have any. More proof, that The Dem Party should be banned from operating in the USA
  9. Fail. He did not define systematic and you lack the authority to do it here. But you can agree that any unfair irregularity is, real, and it needs to be addressed if we will continue to brag that we have the best fairest elections on Earth. You cannot fleece that fact, EVER, so stay keen to make sure you do not waste time trying to.
  10. I do believe it would be the raw sewage, splooge, secreted into your mother's Fallopian tubes abbbbbout 9 months before the day you were born
  11. I see what you did here. Your evidence is non-existent so you applied what it is called the Ad Hominem Fallacy argument here. iow What do your nonsense remarks here, have to do with the Gateway Pundit org possessing facts? Do facts matter to you?? Clearly you frown upon Gateway Pundit for revealing, facts, but you refuse to frown upon the perps who Gateway Pundit hath exposed. Therefore guess what that makes you, here in America? HINT:
  12. Perfect response ---for you Dem Party voters who hate the, USA, therefore you either voted for Biden or you mailed-in illegal ballots for Biden or both.
  13. bullshit. the fine print does not explain it. @lucifershammer wrote the fine print, so we already know there will automatically be something unfair and Kobold about it.
  14. Yes. He really is that fucking stupid.
  15. Is there a poll option for; Five stays. You leave, forever. Five spamming the board is not haaaardly as bad as, you, altering members' account without our knowledge nor our permission and worst of all you bragged about reading our private messages to each other.
  16. Only in the eyes of you Lunatic Liberals. We are his supporters and we feel that he actually raised the bar, for behavior, and that is because you all cannot comprehend it that some citizens dislike politicians. Yes and that is why we voted for The President so he can disrespect politicians and be rude to politiicians and protect us from politicians. Trump did a great job of that ---but I bet you do not notice it how he was never rude and offensive, to you, as he was that way toward only politicians and media outlets who attempted a coup against him. Whereas you love
  17. Biden's team said we need to bury the "America first!" attitude and pathway https://www.scmp.com/news/china/diplomacy/article/3097858/us-must-forget-america-first-counter-china-challenges-biden Wow. This is unreal.
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