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  1. It's so nice to have this weight off my chest. But cannon can show me whatever he wants.
  2. Before I go I must admit it now. My anger stems from being a lonely unloved gay man. If only I could find a good man to love a fat acne scarred boy like me I'd be over the moon.
  3. Not according to msgs and emails I get from members, here, who ask me to please please keep destroying you and lucy like no other member has ever done on this website ----don'tt forget, there is a thread where you even admit that whipped your ass and lucy's ass ----better go delete THAT post, quick!! ROFL
  4. You didn't say that when I donated, anonymously, to this punkAZZ website did you?
  5. Next time you want to complain about experiencing ad hom ---don't create a thread where your sorryASS goes ad hom on people you admit that you know nothing about. Fair?
  6. look at what happened in this thread, as proof, of how I control that moist dude's emotions ... and the emotions of his sweet bitch satanic mods
  7. o damage patrol quick huh?---when people tell the truth about how you run this website eh? BWAHAHAHHHHHH!!
  8. It was never my problem. My problem, was pointing out facts to soft moist bitches like you and @lucifershammer @rippy38 @jrock2310 until your little fee-fees are hurt. Now you wanna ban me. Wahhhhh!! BooHooHoo!! the three soft moist dudes, once again, could not handle pmurT ripping their ass to shreds ---so its authority-abuse time! Whats next? postng more private phone calls to the forum?? I wonder if that other website is that flagrant??
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