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  1. The jig is up. I mean sure, You can keep screaming COVID this COVID that, but... the train has left the station. We are past that hickup which China and the Dem party blessed the USA with, now we realize what we need to do yes we realize that COVID has a 99% survival rate. So, lets get the country back open!! LOL ... and that is what Trump is doing. Instead of treating the country like Joe 'doom and gloom and stay in your room' Biden does us.
  2. The Holocaust had already been, denied, long before the current 30-yr movement to 1)never stop mentioning it AND 2)use it to gain power in 1st-World nations. Yes. The Holocaust was denied at the very, moment, they decided to stay silent about why Hitler made the evil decision he made. For some reason, Jews do not want people to know that Hitler hated them only because they flooded Germany with dark-skinned negros. Similar to what they are doing, today, in flooding the USA with White HISP illegal immigrants and White Muslim refugees... This is a nonsensical sta
  3. uhhhh, no. Those titles belong to you and The Dem Party which tried to perfect a coup against a USA President ---and Pelosi even bragged about your cult's intentions on the day after he won the election on 09nov2016. You are a homegrown radicalized lunatic. And your sedition has earned you a one-way ticket to China or some other globalist land. Rescind your U.S. citizenship at once! lol And anyone who supports this (below) is a Seditionist: Biden: corruption with his son in China, Ukraine, and with the spouse of Moscow Russia's mayor when raping the USA pol
  4. Well, thanks to Obama, our White Privilege to now deny Slavery's legacy has done a prrrretty good job of fixing everything so that Blacks are now the USA welcome mat for White HISP White Jews White Asians White Muslims LGBT White Indians to enjoy an America which esteems them and uplifts them. And of course, White Jews/Ashkenazims will never have that worry which negros have, for the remainder of USA's existence on earth.
  5. And of course, he was The Black Panther. Invincible. That knife was just a, front, as every cop knows shooting him in the legs right there or shooting him in the arms right there ---would have resulted into the bullets merely falling to the ground after hitting his titanium-coated skin, so then he would have kept coming toward the officers to murder them with that knife.
  6. ...or... showing the differences and unfairness, subliminally, in terms of the Holocaust and how White Jews were genocided versus the U.S. Slave Trade and how our negro friends were genocided. We live in a society today where we are REQUIRED to continue to uplift White Jews/Ashkenazims regarding the, Holocaust, as we watch our society including Jews always tell negros to shut up crying about Slavery since no one alive today owned any negro slaves. The horrid doublestandard is despicable. Especially considering Negros are the reason, specifically, why Hitler hated
  7. Come view last month's Dept of Homeland Security's Threat Assessment, in awe, as you realize how much of it features direct or exact actions by some person or some entity that supports the Dem Party and/or disrespects President Trump. This is more evidence that USDOJ should be petitioned, to take action featuring ban the Dem Party from the USA by way of Sedition: https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/2020_10_06_homeland-threat-assessment.pdf
  8. 5? ROFL ...meanwhile... here on Planet Earth: Biden: corruption with his son in China, Ukraine, and with the spouse of Moscow Russia's mayor when raping the USA political system Hillary: intentionally purchased a fake dossier, coerced FBI and other House Dems to file false docx with the FISA Court Schiff: is the House Intel chief, and currently is spreading false information even as according to the FBI and Intel community feeling a need to come out and expose him the other day Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler: impeached Trump for e
  9. she has really low self-esteem, obviously, in how she's always pretending people cared something about her appearance when they clearly did not care ... plus she tries too hard to look like a Northern-European. She's confused about life.
  10. disregard. i dont want to get anybody in trouble for showing appreciation for my scholarship
  11. You have to be U.S. President in order to fill Supreme Court seats. So Joe will be forever, ineligible, as far as that goes.
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