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  1. Well... God keeps telling me I am not done yet... I have to keep preaching against liberals. I'd rather just gear up and get ready for physical battle but I have to keep writing. Liberal laws backfire and cause problems like getting more welfare money if you don't have a spouse and more than one child. This causes people, especially black males in inner cities, to bail on their partner. This along with lack of God/prayer are probably the underlying causes of this whole current race/crime/poverty issue. Liberalism must die.
  2. Thanks for the comments! I'll check in once in a while. I think a better use of my time will be to take weapons and other training courses in case this craziness comes to my doorstep.
  3. I'm a little high strung. Nobody has uniforms so I can't tell if I'm being attacked.
  4. That sounded pretty mean. Sorry.
  5. Yeah, I know how it was meant. I did some studying and I realized that I had forgotten who my enemy (liberals) really are. I try not to judge but I think I was just being naive. Everything makes more sense.
  6. People are talking about gay sex so Skans remark about liberals doing something to the anus of little boys might be accurate.
  7. Hmm. Some seem to be proving Skans correct...
  8. drvoke. Unlike you, we don't do that. I even had to look up the word.
  9. I think I'll stop posting like I have. May not be good for my health.
  10. I'm not going away. I just don't want anyone coming after me. You know, piss off the wrong people with this fight and vote stuff.
  11. I think I'll stop posting like I have. May not be good for my health.
  12. Skans, I'd like to just let the news broadcast that stuff but I think more than half the country watches the wrong news.
  13. Redoctober, Yeah, I should add Venezuela to my arsonal. Thanks.
  14. Let’s Fight… Please try to convince anyone you know to vote against Biden if you don't already. You convince one person, you double your vote. Find a way around the liberal media. There are ways. I’d tell you some but I don’t want the libs to shut them down. We don’t want the next 4 years to be 4 years of crap. We are looking for undecideds, people that haven’t gone over the deep end on Liberalism, and people that aren’t dependent on the government. It’s better if the conversion is a battleground state but any conversion is a good conversion. You would think it would be easy since Biden is so
  15. Need to convince those people that haven't fallen to deep into the liberalism and the few that haven't decided.
  16. Thanks Vegas. Yep, convincing liberals is out... Please actively try to convince regular people if you don't already. Thanks!!!
  17. You guys are smarter than I am. Please put some thought in how you can work around the liberal media to reach normal people and convince them. I have the best luck with people in my circle of influence. Sounding extreme doesn't work. Thanks!!!!
  18. True Scans. My brother says similar things and I normally would. It has become a religious thing for me though. I know how important this next election is and have been given "Signs" that I need to do something to help. I'm a creative guy. I don't want the next four years to be four years of crap.
  19. I figure that if I can convince just one person, it is doubles my vote.
  20. Actually, I shouldn't ask that question because the libs on here would try to crack down on any successful idea that you tell me about. I did figure out a way to bypass the liberal media. It is slow but somewhat successful. I'll stick to that.
  21. Okay. I'll give up on liberals. I want to convince regular people not to vote democrat. Is there any quick way to get them to vote against their feelings or welfare check? Hmm... no there isn't. How about swing voters? I know there isn't a lot of them left...
  22. but how do you convince people to vote against their "feelings".
  23. without it taking too much time?
  24. So... Is there any successful way to convince these liberal idiots that they are wrong?
  25. Ghostofkf, Blue Devil wrote something the sounded racist but wasn't meant to sound that way. So, I replied that what he said wouldn't sell well because someone might misconstrue the meaning like I did. Btw, that was a funny cop rob scene lol.
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