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  1. I remember when TikTok was Vine... #oldfogey
  2. This is why we shouldn't waste our economic resources treating people who are "almost" killed. Just let 5% of the population die instead, and use the money we save by not keeping them half-alive in a hospital bed to rebuild the damage caused by their loss.
  3. My day-to-day problems are much the same as they ever have been. No hope of getting a job (especially since my odds of success are so low that I basically don't bother trying at all, making them even lower), unseasonably hot weather, pandemic lockdown, inability to get a decent night's sleep, and having nothing better to do with my time than sit on YouTube or in front of an old-school TV. This has been a very gentle, banal apocalypse, and I'd really like some aliens to land and start slaughtering us with rayguns, to relieve the tedium of civilization's slow, relatively painless disintegration.
  4. My hellish blue state has made them pretty much mandatory across the board. I refuse to wear the actual medical-style masks, but I'm going to have to be seen in public wearing my embarassing "three socks tied together" over my face far more often than I'd hoped would be necessary.
  5. No hate for any individual person, but Islam is not part of the solution for this planet. People who grow up in the murder-cult of a long-dead medieval warlord are brainwashing victims; they need to be deprogrammed with whatever necessary force, and they can't be given the amount of freedom that we grant to people who are more capable of making sensible choices. Also, the thing about everyone dying at 35 in the past is a misconception. That's the AVERAGE age of death, so it's affected by the huge infant mortality rate. Many people would have lived to a ripe old age (though that probably meant 50 or at most 75, never the 100 that we can often reach now), but many others died violent deaths very young, so the average works out to 30s.
  6. I'm well aware of the lies that the Chinese Health Organization and the Centers For Anthony Fauci's Dividends Control have been perpetuating. It changes nothing about what the actual science is. Masks don't protect anyone, and most people don't need protection anyway. This virus is less dangerous than common influenza; it's only a big deal because the people who are most vulnerable to it tend to be old, and thus are often rich. If this was killing 5% of the world's population but they were all poor, our government wouldn't lift a finger.
  7. Even if that's a valid equivalence, which I would dispute, I don't actually support Trump, I just don't oppose him. The reich required homosexuals to wear a pink triangle that identified them. This doesn't strike me as particularly different, except that they're doing it to EVERYONE, not just to a small disliked group. But the masks don't do all that much and everyone knows that; it's just a symbol of obedience to the nonexistent authority of the CDC, which has no right to give everyone "guidelines" that are being interpreted as absolute rules for no particular reason.
  8. Like I said, dehumanization. The moment you cross over from "your actions are wrong" to "your existence is wrong", you are yourself wrong as well. I didn't vote for him. I'm not a registered republican, so I never had an opportunity to vote for any of the other candidates you named. I think that the current political process is so fucked that presidents are basically just figureheads. About all Obama could do was make impressive speeches, and about all Trump can do is tweak the left. So you don't want anything to do with nuance or subtlety. "That guy killed ten innocent women, he's a criminal, hang him! That starving mother stole a loaf of bread for her children, she's a criminal, hang her!" Not "be like Trump" so much as "have what Trump has". I'm not a "maga", but I am nothing if not honest and self-aware. Right, and as I've said, I have a lot of dislike of him for that reason. Still doesn't mean I think he's a white supremacist. I do not believe the masks do help to protect anyone. Right, and old Adolf only needed to temporarily assume emergency powers in the wake of th eReichstag's destruction. This entire COVID business has been a giant global psych-op since day one. We've proved that people are so brainwashed by social media that they will willingly submit to fascism. However futile it is for me to do so, I must take an absolute hardline stance against ANY submission to this symbolic betrayal of American freedom. You're a fool if you believe the Chinese Health Organization will ever loosen its grip once we've submitted to them. Seatbelts are normal, not extraordinary. If we didn't have seatbelts, we wouldn't have cars. They are effectively an additive technology which allows us to have something we value, much the way advertisements allow us to have free television. The masks on the other hand are being imposed externally upon a daily life that was functioning just fine before they came along, and would still function just fine without them, except a tiny handful of old or weak people would die. I think that's the lesser evil here, to shed a tiny bit of genetic dead weight, rather than to put the entire freaking human race worldwide into chains.
  9. No, as I said before, it's a matter of degree. Every person has an asshole, therefore being an asshole is just being a low-quality human. "Deplorable" on the other hand is specifically the slur that Hilary invented to dehumanize Trump supporters, saying that they all fit in a "basket", which objects could but humans cannot. It's the difference between calling a black person "darkie" in a very casual tone, versus angrily calling him "you damn black SOB"; both are insulting, but one is unquestionably MORE insulting than another. The debauchery is something I envy and even aspire to a little; the lies are a tool to get him there, which I dislike but can't really blame him for using, since he's far from the only one. I'd like to see politics as a whole change in such a way that being even slightly dishonest is the worst thing a politician can do and instantly ends his career because he wasn't completely honest and truthful and transparent all of the time, but that universe is so different from our own that it might as well be populated by bipedal dinosaurs instead of humans. Not sure what you were on about with this comment, but if I somehow gained a child, I absolutely would raise them with the idea that they must be all of those three things, or else they are no longer worthy of having me as a father. Well the last three years seemed to be distinctly better than the eight preceding them; granted Biden was only VP under Obama, but he still has to have been somewhat in the loop. But I'll admit, most of my reason for opposing Biden is the fact that he said he'd require masks, which IMO is the #1 issue in the country right now (or maybe #2 behind cops vs. BLM, but that one seems to have died down a little, while the COVID hysteria never seems to decline even a little).
  10. I don't particularly think we ought to "love" our country, that's a bit much. We should be thankful for what's good about it, and critical of its failings. The one thing we agree about on this topic is that Hilary's naked mercenarism is contemptible.
  11. It is a question of principle. Go watch "The People vs. Larry Flynt" sometime. You don't have to agree with what someone is doing, or like them as a person, in order for defending that person's legal rights to be important to preserving your own. The same is true with regard to what might be called "social rights", like not being spuriously accused of contemptible personal qualities. Pretty much yeah. If someone is not doing things of this order, then it is unacceptable to assume that the person holds a hatred of all blacks simply because they're black. To judge a group of people, harshly, on the basis of their actions is not bigotry. It might be an uncharitable interpretation, but nobody is owed such charity, particularly not if they go out of their way to act in such a way that nobody likes them or is inclined to defend them. Perhaps so. I'm a big fan of Jude the Apostle, patron saint of lost causes. The less popular a cause is, the fewer other people are willing to advocate for it, the more I feel compelled to do so. If that makes me a fool, then I'll wear the motley with pride. You continue to assert that he's "deplorable" with no evidence. I do consider him sleazy and contemptible, but I think there's a difference of degree between those things. He might be the bastard love child of George Soros and Kim Kardashian, with the former's capitalist ruthless and the latter's unbridled narcissism - but that doesn't make him a monster. Whenever any person is dehumanized, even for the ostensible crime of dehumanizing others, we are ALL diminished. Trump is worse than most of us, but he is not inherently different FROM us. Throwing him under the bus is doing the same for ourselves. He's the president we deserve, and I'll support another president when we are actually capable of electing someone who deserves the job. (Given that Sanders is likely to die before 2024, I don't much like our chances of finding a candidate I actually approve of anytime soon.) I did not vote for Trump before, and I don't particularly want to vote for him this year. If anything I'd rather throw my vote at Vermin Supreme (speaking of "the one we deserve"). But the important thing is defeating Biden. If it's absolutely necessary, I'll contribute my droplet to Trump's ocean in order to make sure Mr. "mandatory face masks for everyone" doesn't get in.
  12. 😛 You're not the boss of me! 😅
  13. I really can't tell whether you're trying to agree or disagree with me.

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