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  1. The American right to free speech has never been under such a sustained attack as it is these days. The right to think and say whatever you want is under siege; the communist conformity of China and Russia and North Korea has infiltrated the most influential global megacorporations, the ones who control all our information and have been brainwashing our children for decades. The perception that "hate speech" is rampant on social media and must be stopped at any cost is used to justify bulldozing the free expression of all individuals, and all this while the economy is in a downward spiral, a
  2. Not a fan of this new site design.
  3. Some can't be, but others can. If your policy is to partially or completely destroy the human being who commits these acts, you're going to throw a lot of babies out with the bathwater.
  4. I am of two minds on this situation. I definitely disagree with AnotherJim on this one, but I suspect I don't fully agree with Ellison. I think the status quo is questionable, but am not convinced that any proposed changes are reasonable. I don't think counseling is likely to fix most people, but I definitely don't think throwing them into boxes so they can bugger each other does much to fix them either. We need a better solution, but I think it needs to consist of more than just talk.
  5. I remember when TikTok was Vine... #oldfogey
  6. This is why we shouldn't waste our economic resources treating people who are "almost" killed. Just let 5% of the population die instead, and use the money we save by not keeping them half-alive in a hospital bed to rebuild the damage caused by their loss.
  7. My day-to-day problems are much the same as they ever have been. No hope of getting a job (especially since my odds of success are so low that I basically don't bother trying at all, making them even lower), unseasonably hot weather, pandemic lockdown, inability to get a decent night's sleep, and having nothing better to do with my time than sit on YouTube or in front of an old-school TV. This has been a very gentle, banal apocalypse, and I'd really like some aliens to land and start slaughtering us with rayguns, to relieve the tedium of civilization's slow, relatively painless disintegratio
  8. Now, are we talking Baal Hadad here, or Baal Hammon?
  9. My hellish blue state has made them pretty much mandatory across the board. I refuse to wear the actual medical-style masks, but I'm going to have to be seen in public wearing my embarassing "three socks tied together" over my face far more often than I'd hoped would be necessary.
  10. No hate for any individual person, but Islam is not part of the solution for this planet. People who grow up in the murder-cult of a long-dead medieval warlord are brainwashing victims; they need to be deprogrammed with whatever necessary force, and they can't be given the amount of freedom that we grant to people who are more capable of making sensible choices. Also, the thing about everyone dying at 35 in the past is a misconception. That's the AVERAGE age of death, so it's affected by the huge infant mortality rate. Many people would have lived to a ripe old age (though that
  11. I'm well aware of the lies that the Chinese Health Organization and the Centers For Anthony Fauci's Dividends Control have been perpetuating. It changes nothing about what the actual science is. Masks don't protect anyone, and most people don't need protection anyway. This virus is less dangerous than common influenza; it's only a big deal because the people who are most vulnerable to it tend to be old, and thus are often rich. If this was killing 5% of the world's population but they were all poor, our government wouldn't lift a finger.
  12. Even if that's a valid equivalence, which I would dispute, I don't actually support Trump, I just don't oppose him. The reich required homosexuals to wear a pink triangle that identified them. This doesn't strike me as particularly different, except that they're doing it to EVERYONE, not just to a small disliked group. But the masks don't do all that much and everyone knows that; it's just a symbol of obedience to the nonexistent authority of the CDC, which has no right to give everyone "guidelines" that are being interpreted as absolute rules for no particular reason.
  13. Like I said, dehumanization. The moment you cross over from "your actions are wrong" to "your existence is wrong", you are yourself wrong as well. I didn't vote for him. I'm not a registered republican, so I never had an opportunity to vote for any of the other candidates you named. I think that the current political process is so fucked that presidents are basically just figureheads. About all Obama could do was make impressive speeches, and about all Trump can do is tweak the left. So you don't want anything to do with nuan
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