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  1. "Stomach pains." When the side effect of an effective drug is "stomach pains," that sure beats spike protein brain.
  2. Weak minded midway rube, Ivermectin is ACCORDING TO THE FDA one of the safest drugs ever invented. It has been prescribed to HUMANS more than 4 billion times in the past 40 years. The fact that it is also safe for horses and dogs does not disqualify its decades of safe and effective use by humans, you anti-science luddite. It is 100% effective in vitro and it is established as safe for humans - making it the natural first choce for field tests against covid. Except for the patent thingy. It's expired, you wall street dick sucker.
  3. Yes, it is SO difficult to understand that vaccine passports will disproportionately affect blacks, as they disproportionately resist the jab. SO much math for such a little girl - and not just math but logic. Who could EXPECT you to sort through all of that, hair twirler? Just keep to your copy pastes and leave the heavy lifting to the other "geniuses."
  4. You are the fucktard who supports voter ID that targets african americans, shit blossom. You cannot defend your klan activities, so you project your bullshit onto others.
  5. You are certainly a monkey and a dope. Is that what you were asking me to confirm, wall street's stupid goon?
  6. What do I know or care? He pretended to take the fake vaccine in a move calculated to lead others to take the fake vaccine for real. How does he walk out of that a good guy in your book? I don't play team on issues of morality and decency.
  7. But have you looked into it at all? There've been hundreds of studies in dozens of countries. But none on a large scale - they've all been field trials, nothing double blind because of the urgency of dealing with covid. Same as the "vaccines" - just no patent money rolling in.
  8. Precisely. And I am an anti-vaxxer, WHICH IS WHY I DO NOT DEFEND TRUMP I just defend reality - and the reality is, trump sold us out to big pharma. Ivermectin is the way to go. Safe and effective. Proven so in hundreds of studies. But it is generically available, and there's the rub.
  9. I did. It proved you incorrect when you denied she - not trump - is the one who questioned the validity of the vaccine.
  10. You would know and I would not. I don't watch mainstream news. But I HAVE seen tucker rail against vaccine passports. And fox IS implementing its own vaccine passport. And that IS hypocritical - preaching one thing and practicing another. It's nothing to write a pulitzer worthy expose about - but it's enough for a troll to start a gloat-thread about, and have some legs.
  11. The mouthy cunt cannt show you an example as no example exists. Trump parted the red sea to get those vaccines rolled out, and then took the jab publicly. They are koolaid drinking morons.
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