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  1. When she did, I didn't have to wear a mask afterward. And my declining the flu vaccine was never politicized by retarded hysterics. Also, they were not based on experimental technology, and they were properly vetted - not rushed to market on legal. exemptions to required scrutiny. Your observation is about as smart as saying that since dogs aren't dangerous, bulls aren;t either. They're all animals, right dim wit? I got the polo vaccine twice, as our travels took us into an outbreak area and the border agents felt a "better safe than sorry" approach w
  2. Get the shot, then callit a win. We have a vaccine and are still in masks - some win. The bigger threat is covid farts, not covid breathing. With the fart, you have the added indignity of smelling my butt moleules while I kill you.
  3. Aren't you the guy who is on this guy's team? https://theweek.com/articles/604541/awful-bill-shows-how-ted-cruz-threatens-citizenship-rights-all-americans You stand with trash, you are trash, son.
  4. Cuck post. ^ It is not uncommon that cucks have their minds on glory holes. You fit the profile, cuck.
  5. I run a convalescent care center. Thanks for laughing at my afflicted clients. Good thing you didn't see Wheels or Gimpy. You'd REALLY have had a laugh at their expense. And God FORBID you had seen Spare Parts. You just saw the Wanderer and I think maybe the Corkster.
  6. I reassert my cuck comment vis a vis the cuck.
  7. They totally get her right to control her body regarding abortion - but not her right to shower without men present or compete against her own gender.
  8. It's the trump vaccine, retarded hor - made on his watch with his intervention allowing it to avoid proper testing. Now, go get poked with a needle instead of a negro penis, for something other than V.D.
  9. Itss the trump vaccine - ight down to the scofflaw elements, where they got waivers for an experimental vaccine to be rolled out without the testing which our laws ordinarily require. But pharma is making money and libtards are lining up to get injected with the trump vaccine, so I guess we just grin and wait for the cucks to convulse, childless, and die of unknown causes.
  10. Boo. Boooo!!! The queen of garbage. The queen of slime... the queen of filth... The queen of pew trescence.
  11. It is a homophobic slur. They get to make those and you don't.
  12. You say that like it is a bad thing. You're quick with the homophobic slurs - but then, you are a Maoist, so why not? Your own rules do not apply to you - just as Britney's do not apply to her. She gets to misgender me based on her OPINION, but I am not allowed to misgender others based on mine. You two nuts must simply be made of finer clay, and so your edicts are for us little people.
  13. You might have noticed that I am resisting your evil agenda, not joining it. And so are you, according to my sauce, which is you.
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