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  1. Yeah, on the road. Pedestrians belong on the side walk, faggot. Act like a bowling pin, get treated accordingly.
  2. After he was beaten almost to death and robbed? A couple of chimps in Planet of the Apes were okay, too.
  3. According to the pussy who stood for dicks in her shower until I cornered him in front of her, cuckiepoo.
  4. I just watched the reginal denny vid on youtube. No one stopped the chimp out, you lying faggot. No one. They beat him almost to death, and then they cleaned out his pockets, you worthless, lying piece of shit. All you want is the "right" for niggers to chimp out on whites with no consequences. We will meet you in the streets, you cowardly piece of filth.
  5. Fact. But bears aren't. They are godless killing machines.
  6. Damn. No man can serve two masters. You got TWO monkies on your back...
  7. Keep sowing, boy. Get those cops defunded and skin that smoke wagon. SKIN IT, boy, and see what happens.
  8. He would not have needed medical attention if he'd used his right pedal instead of his middle pedal, you knuckleheaded racist twerp.
  9. 100%. He was in flight for his life. His right to life was not subordinate to her willingness to play chicken with a car. Fuck with the car get the bumper.
  10. You mean you will believe the REPORTERS who misquote them, flicto.
  11. Letting dirt bags use their bodies to hold people for the mob is precisely hat, welfare baby.
  12. Reginald Denny - that says it all. I will make a tar spot out of any wooly-booger that tries to impede my free movement.
  13. Letting members of violent mobs block traffic in order pull people out of their cars and violate their rights ala Reginald Denny is insanity. You've had fifty fucking years of public housing and set asides, nigger. Your reparations are PAID IN FULL - you don't get protection for state sanctioned chimp-outs. Don't wanna get your ass run over? Get the fuck out of the road. You are sowing the wind, boy
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