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  1. It's just another case of the always-to-be-expected hypocrisy of the political left. https://thefreedomflag.com/dnc-slammed-for-allowing-bill-clinton-to-speak-citing-metoo-concerns/
  2. And in addition, we now know that the WHO and Solidarity "trials" that included hydroxychloroquine, used lethal doses (on thousands of people) that were 4-6 times the amount being used by doctors all around the world to treat COVID with up to 99% success, in order to make a 65-year old drug that is safer than aspirin, Tylenol or Benadryl appear to be dangerous. Apparently not caring a whit that they were even killing babies in their effort to advance Big Pharma and Bill Gates/Fauci's vaccination scheme and mind control of the ignorant masses.
  3. But at least Trump isn't a criminal scumbag MARXIST like Biden that, along with his cadre of fellow Marxists, have plans that will destroy our Republic while immorally laying an additional 100 trillion dollars of debt onto the backs of our kids and their kids, in order to end single-family home construction/ownership and private transportation through a clueless child's "green new deal". A whole political party following a stupid 29-year old bartender!
  4. Reagan didn't "give" any money to anybody. Reagan reduced the amount of government confiscation of the fruit of the labor of people who actually create wealth and make the world work. And when taxes are reduced there is more money available for investment, which results in greater economic expansion, that results in a larger tax base and an increase in revenue. Typical demorat answer to revenue shortfalls is to raise taxes, the result of which was most graphically demonstrated by the sheer stupidity of the demorat's "luxury tax", that was of course very shortly after imposing, rescinded,
  5. In other words, just another lying leftie, peddling false hope!
  6. Don't let the door bump you on the butt on your way out.
  7. Too late for a strategy then. The only thing left to do would be to sit back and watch the destruction of the U.S. perpetrated by Marxist filth and be relieved that you bothered to get that second passport/citizenship.
  8. You mean one that the democrats and their media propagandists are trying to destroy, with COVID as an excuse. Even though 97% of COVID patients would stay out of the hospital altogether, with proper early treatment, and everyone could go back to work and live their lives normally while COVID would take a far smaller toll than a normal weak flu season. Yet in spite of the demorats efforts, the housing market in July did than 8% better than it did in July last year, while the stock market hits new all time highs. And in spite of the mismanaged democrat cities being boarded up, where crimina
  9. I refuse to believe you could be that uninformed at this point in time, so it must be a broken mind, that resulted from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Doctors all over the world have been treating with HCQ ever since the beginning of the pandemic, with great results, even though many of them don't appear to be adding zinc to the protocol which is the most important part. The HCQ is not the cure, it is an ionophore that helps move zinc through the cell wall and into the cell, where it prevents the virus from replicating. It would be of benefit for the sake of humanity if you refused HCQ+
  10. That's the great thing about freedom. If an employee is working for a wage that is less than he believes he should be earning, then he can just move on and get a different job that will pay him what he is worth. Or work hard at the job he is at to become valuable enough to get raises that take him up to the pay he thinks is commensurate with his skills and intelligence. The same guy that is complaining about low wages, is enjoying inexpensive fast food hamburgers, because of wages being paid to entry level workers that live in their mother's basement (ie a 16-year old or the typical Antifa typ
  11. They of course have been doing exactly that for months, along with the rest of the legacy media, even though HCQ is known to be safer than aspirin, Tylenol or Benadryl and has demonstrated it through a 65 year track record. https://aapsonline.org/patients-need-ability-to-choose-hydroxychloroquine-states-aaps/
  12. There is a study that is out for peer review right now, by a doctor that has enjoyed a 99% a success rate with his elderly and high risk patients, ever since near the beginning of the pandemic. The media you have chosen to indoctrinate yourself with will keep you in your abject ignorance if you continue to fail to seek out the truth. And if you or your loved ones wind up dead from COVID, you can consider yourself to be at least in part to blame, for your intellectual laziness and raising up Fauci, the NIH, FDA and WHO as your gods without investigation. The truth is easy to find. But you
  13. Certainly wasn't the worst that slick Willie and Hillary did to our country - as well as others.
  14. Cooper's is just as ignorant as Lindel apparently is, since in fact for many months there has been a treatment protocol available that has been demonstrated to be 99% effective, even among elderly and high risk patients.
  15. Nothing new. The communist Muslim Barack Obama's father, was a Marxist that believed in a 100% income tax. Even the name Barack chose for himself, is what Islam's magic flying donkey-mule is referred to as (buraq).
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