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  1. 2 hours ago, drvoke said:

    Clint Eastwood's Racist Comments At The 1973 Academy Awards Go Viral - We  Got This Covered




    The ugly American past rears its racist head. Accountability.



    Clint Eastwood Targeted by Activist on Indigenous Peoples' Day Over 1973 Oscars Quip (msn.com)

    (Full article at above link)



    A now-viral tweet posted by a progressive political activist on Indigenous Peoples' Day called out Clint Eastwood for a comment he made at the 1973 Academy Awards.

    At the time, the legendary actor and director's remark came after Native American actress/activist Sacheen Littlefeather represented Marlon Brando on stage to accept his Best Actor award for The Godfather on his behalf.

    During the acceptance, Littlefeather lamented the current treatment of Native Americans by the Hollywood film industry as well as the events at Wounded Knee. Her remarks were met with both boos and clapping.

    Following her appearance on stage, Eastwood, who was presenting the Oscar for Best Picture, quipped: "I don't know if I should present this award on behalf of all the cowboys shot in all the John Ford westerns over the years."

    On October 11, which was Indigenous Peoples' Day, activist Rafael Shimunov re-tweeted footage from that Academy Awards moment, writing:  "Clint Eastwood mocked Sacheen Littlefeather saying we should honor all the fictional dead Cowboys instead of the Native Americans slaughtered in a genocide."

    As of Saturday afternoon, the clip drew 1.6 million views, while the post has been 'liked' over 37,000 times.



     How Sacheen Littlefeather's refusal of Marlon Brando's Oscar inspired Jada  Pinkett Smith to boycott - Los Angeles Times

    Here's a NEWS FLASH for you, DUMBASS:


    Each and every person born within the boundaries of the United States of America is a NATIVE AMERICAN!


    Mirabeau is a NATIVE AMERICAN and he has only the PUREST OF EUROPEAN BLOOD coursing through his veins.


    Clint Eastwood is a NATIVE AMERICAN.


    Got it?

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  2. 3 minutes ago, JinnMartini said:


    Mhmm  . . .  there sure is some truth in that !


    Texas has plenty of oil  . . .  yet zero of the turmoil of the mentioned third-worlders !

    Norway:  Lots of petroleum, but a civilized nation.


    Canada:  Lots of petroleum, but a civilized nation.


    USA:  Lots of petroleum, but a civilized nation (outside the ghettos and barrios).


    Venezuela:  Lots of petroleum, but a HELLHOLE.


    Nigeria:  Lots of petroleum, but a HELLHOLE.


    Angola:  Lots of petroleum, but a HELLHOLE.


    Saudi Arabia:  Lots of petroleum, but a HELLHOLE.

  3. 7 minutes ago, JinnMartini said:
    From the article:
    Paradoxically, history shows that rather than a blessing, energy reserves can be a bane  .  .  .  national poverty has actually increased 
    following the discovery of oil.

    In fact where oil is found  . . .  war, poverty and suffering are perpetual !

    We can probably say the same for gold and diamonds  . . .  


    Look at the ME, the Gulf of Guinea, Venezuela  . . .  just about every fucking where !

    The problem is NOT petroleum, or lack thereof.


    Third-Worlders are going to be Third-Worlders REGARDLESS of petroleum or any other source of wealth.


    Money does not change one's genetics.

  4. As you no doubt know, Billyboy Clinton has been in the intensive care unit of a California hospital for days now, as the medical staff pulls out all the stops in a desperate effort to try to save him from the syphilis, gonorrhea, and other STDs that are raging throughout his system.  Billyboy's wife-in-name-only, Hillarybitch, left her negro lesbian live-ins mid-week and traveled to California to visit Billyboy in the hospital, however TODAY HILLARYBITCH WAS ESCORTED FROM THE HOSPITAL BY THE SECURITY STAFF AND ORDERED NEVER TO RETURN!


    It seems that Billyboy's condition worsened each and every time Hillarybitch visited his bedside.  Billyboy would turn blue in the face, become agitated, and start gasping for breath.  Finally, an alert nurse noticed that each time Hillarybitch would stand by Billyboy's bedside, HILLARYBITCH WOULD TAKE THE OXYGEN HOSE IN HER HAND AND SQUEEZE IT TIGHTLY, THUS PREVENTING THE OXYGEN FROM BEING ADMINISTERED TO BILLYBOY!


    While Hillarybitch has been removed from the hospital building, the complete removal of Hillarybitch from the hospital grounds has been delayed while the security chief tries to find a taxi big enough for Hillarybitch's ass to fit into.





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