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  1. Translation: Toldya LIED when she stated the only thing left to do was to move to Canada.
  2. Not old news, you ignorant shrew. You did not read the article. Arrests occurred within the past 48 HOURS.
  3. Correct, and that offer still stands, just as it was originally proposed. Are you ready to sign the document proclaiming you will go to Canada and will never return as long as you are alive, with all the attendant penalties if you break the agreement?
  4. You mean, like you use EBT cards to purchase your food?
  5. Not so fast, there, calgirl. You have some unfinished business with Mirabeau, which is: It has been stated by others on this board that you posted some time ago that you were leaving this board and would not post again. Did you REALLY do that?
  6. Translation: When Moldya said there was nothing left to do but go to Canada, she was lying.
  7. To be able to back up their ridiculous posts . . . ? (This is really TOOOOO easy, folks!) By the way: Mirabeau offered to purchase you a one-way ticket to Canada, provided you NEVER come back. Why have you not responded to that offer?
  8. You are on RECORD as stating that the Las Vegas Shooter killed all those folks because he was a RIGHT-WINGER. Mirabeau challenged you on that, proving that your statement WAS NOT TRUE. Why have you not responded? FACTS got your tongue?
  9. Mirabeau PROUDLY flies the American flag, the Texas flag, and the Confederate battle flag in his yard near the roadway for all to see. It's GOOD to be Mirabeau!
  10. George Floyd: Violent. A felon. Armed robber. Dope dealer. Counterfeiter. Drug addict. Hero to Dumbocrats.
  11. Buck Owens asked the same question as in the OP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxMiupRWl7E
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