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  1. GREAT WORK, BOYS! Throw her so far back in the jail that you have to shoot beans to her with a cannon! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/texas-rep-sheila-jackson-lee-143000102.html
  2. Black lives DO matter. Mirabeau has hired several negroes throughout the years to mop the floors, rake the leaves, and clean the toilets.
  3. And the polls for the Third-World whore just keep getting worse. Is ANYONE surprised? https://nypost.com/2021/07/29/democrats-worried-about-kamala-harris-approval-numbers/
  4. Obviously a respectable citizen (white), because he stated under oath he was not hiding from creditors or law enforcement. Have you any other questions with which Mirabeau might assist?
  5. ^^^ Ignorant ghetto dweller who actually tried to carjack a car that was up on blocks in his neighborhood.
  6. ^^^ Thinks a "rich family" is one that has TWO cars up on blocks in the front yard.
  7. Why can't the nurses proofread your posts before they go out, and, at the very least, correct your IGNORANT spelling errors? Not doing so constitutes elder abuse on their part.
  8. Because the candidate who won is much more conservative than the Trump-backed candidate. You must be one of those IGNORANT FOOLS who actually think that Trump was a CONSERVATIVE!
  9. Don't forget all the "rent-to-own" stores.
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