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  1. Mirabeau is grateful that you were sterilized prior to your reaching puberty.
  2. The only music you've ever heard is mariachi music. (This is SOOOOOOOO easy, folks!)
  3. ^^ Filthy, ignorant queerboy is EXTREMELY envious of Mirabeau and other PATRIOTS.
  4. ^^ depressed because she is so low on the evolutionary totem pole that she worships a filthy, ignorant, Third-World whore.
  5. FAIL, QUEERBOY! You STATED ON THIS BOARD that you were going to sic the FBI and SPLC on Mirabeau. WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY? WHY THE HELL DID YOU CHICKEN OUT? (Watch the queerboy squirm, folks!)
  6. ^^ Depressed because no white man has ever shown the slightest interest in filthy, ignorant mestizas.
  7. What about the FBI and the SPLC, queerboy? You were going to sic them on Mirabeau. WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY, QUEERBOY? (Watch this, folks!)
  8. Mirabeau has no interest in catching bitches like you. (GOOD LORD, FOLKS! THIS IS GETTING WAY TOOOOOOO EASY!)
  9. Question has already been answered, you filthy, ignorant mestiza.
  10. Mirabeau's CLEANSING plan ELIMINATES abortion for negroes and mestizos, as he has EXPLAINED many times before on this board, ms. onASSis. The plan is this: A FREE sterilization clinic is to be located inside EACH AND EVERY RENT-TO-OWN store in the USA. EVERYONE knows that 95% of the clientele of those stores consists of negroes and mestizos. A HUGE DISCOUNT on the inventory of those stores shall be made available to any negress or mestiza who first goes to the clinic in the rear of the store and has her tubes tied. 98% OF THEM WILL RE
  11. You are a slow learner, aren't you, you filthy, ignorant mestiza. Mirabeau has ALREADY answered that question, you filthy, ignorant mestiza.
  12. Yep! The GREAT CLEANSING! They ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles and they ran through the bushes where a rabbit couldn't go.
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