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  1. No. Not right now. There will be though. For now we deal with it while it's being tested.
  2. Just click the no hold barred tab on the chat. It will minimize and maximize.
  3. Along with a chat feature available to members so they can discuss or fight in real time,there are going to be several hundred small improvements to the forum. Overall they shouldn't change the "feel" much. Things like customizing your notification sound for instance, and assigning specific sounds for specific people. Let's say Mainemann changes decides I'm an asshole "Which he has" he can change the sound when I comment to "The asshole has commented" or some such thing. Other things like being able to moderate your own threads and kick People off the thread you don't like....lots of things I'm working on.
  4. I notice this message goes away. Same with double posts. There is a ton of shit we can do with this and I'm still constructing it.
  5. Well then I hope I performed well. You gotta remember something key about me. I don't care what anybody personally thinks of me. I never have.
  6. Still don't really understand why he set me up. Totally trusted him. He could have hit me a lot better than he did.
  7. Well somebody on the forum has been reaching out to the police is my understanding. They know how these things work. So far...blackmail (The threatened to dox me if I didn't fix his profile,) Stalking Now threats. I guess they just keep stacking up. I'm hoping an investigation is coming soon.
  8. It's stalking. Told him a hundred times not to call me. Tonight though he made a threat.
  9. Why does FivebyFive say rape is sex is all the time?
  10. Made up a new number as I blocked his other ones. Says if I know what's good for me I'll take down a members thread. Fuck you! Fivebyfuckinfive!
  11. Clearly you can't. Clearly you are to fucking stupid to breath.
  12. That wasn't the point if the OP. Dumb fuck.
  13. You are just doubling down so you don't look stupid. It's not working. Why didn't you go to .net with the rest of libs anyhow? They got thier own room there.....and cheese it's.
  14. It is. The non paying kind lol. I coulda done that. Wanted to stick with members funding.
  15. I can't imagine pretending to care about what most women say for multiple hours.
  16. Read the OP dummy. It was quite good. No wonder you fall for fake headlines.
  17. I would rather do anything else than dating in this era. My understanding is that it's a very different thing from when I was younger.
  18. It's not. Not even for service on s ship. Kid you not. Motherfuckers would do this simulation where they are pretending to jump off a boat. So they go up this three story diving board and jump......a whole bunch of um just sink. It's hilarious.
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