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  1. especially when im loving your mom and shes praising him every five seconds
  2. lol ok! sure as you munch your cheetos sitting in your moms basement. fuck you cuck
  3. well you probably have more of a gut than a dick so are you technically a man?
  4. You should do more research before posting. this makes you look really dumb
  5. And your degree and GPA are bullshit. You are clearly a retard
  6. wow. see this is what I mean. you have absolutely zero depth in anything you say. your personality is probably the same.
  7. If you seriously think China will own the US if Biden is elected, is ignorant and completely misguided. Maybe head back to the philosophical with your argument
  8. not much skin left after all the cocaine
  9. This is exactly the retarded shit thats going to get us all killed. Do your homework moron
  10. you really don't seem to know anything
  11. really? rippy? my man? turning your back on me apologizing to a dog....
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