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  1. We are not a Republic. We are a Two-Party Oligarchy. Trump's 4 years confirms this. His was a notice to all.... The Oligarchs run this motherfucker...all others need not apply
  2. 30 years of bombing the world into compliant puppetry costing 7 trillion has come to an end. No more printing money to prop up the War Empire.
  3. Ode to The Beginnings of a Hooker Life Zaro had a smelly virgin hole Until Unkie took out his pervy pole Zaro gasped and hungered for Unkie Then Unkie banged her Stunky Zaro asked him to pay a toll
  4. There was a young man from Brighton Who thought he’d at last found a tight ‘un. He said, “Oh my love, It fits like a glove.” Said she, “But you’re not in the right ‘un.” He was in her butthole....get it? get it? lol
  5. Its actually a well researched and established science, that is, the difference in IQ among peoples and races. Fred Reed has often written eloquently and comedic on the matter - as he does with all issues of runaway forced diversity. https://www.unz.com/freed/fun-with-iq-deep-thought/
  6. Tough times ahead for Biden.....The Empire will crumble under his regime. Maybe its time. The US squandered its time as Hegemon since 1990. Really sad story.
  7. LOL - Slidefag uses The Atlantic as a source. The Atlantic is nothing but an apologist for ANYTHING NEOLIBERAL.... Trannies, 79 genders, fags having kids, war everywhere by the West, no morals, anything goes libbyism, raping countries with massive debt Poor Dupey McSlideFag
  8. I hope we become Russia. Christian and white with millions of Slavic girls bouncing around
  9. Over Nacho Grande? I will never be over Nacho Grande
  10. Just another neoliberal spending bill. Feed traitorous corps,,,,,,shit on the people.
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