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  1. Is he now? Learn what this means, when you sit down at a poker table and you aren't sure who the mule is - it's you. You two are the problem here. Now you know.
  2. No, he doesn't. That is up to the Congress. Learn American history and stop trying to punish the innocent.
  3. Of course I can. As you said, they are innocents. Should an innocent child of yours be punished for what you, as an adult, did? Yes or no?
  4. Just one problem, it doesn't say that. And if you asked the Founders they would have said the same thing. They rejected the idea of a King of America. It was considered.
  5. They were carried like all other babies and toddlers. You are blaming the victims of an illegal border crossing when they were sound asleep and too little to have a say, Dumbfuck. They were the babies then, you are the baby now, grow up.
  6. Link? They were liberal elitists. How the fuck do you know? And the final say is what is or isn't constitutional. News for ya, they wrote the bloody thing and weren't sure, That much they did say. Read them.
  7. Babies and toddlers don't "enter" things illegally, Dumbass. While their parents might they had no say in the matter.
  8. Case in point. Nuff said, and you still don't get it (and never will). I'll help - the rules don't work, you are moving threads, you are changing what people say, you are not understanding that what you are doing doesn't work and it never will. You are the problem but you can't understand that. That's the problem here.
  9. Maybe you don't, you are hardly the brightest bulb in the pack, but he is worth far less only - he doesn't know that. Fearing him is like fearing an angry toddler in a wet diaper - it's just not that hard to resolve their issues. Adults know how to do that, it's what we do.
  10. And, Tzimtzum. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tzimtzum
  11. 3 out of 5 threads haven't survived there (by your rules). See the problem now, Dumbass? The Rotlet doesn't work. Try Cat Videos instead.
  12. Notice @teacher that they like her but think you are an idiot. Think on it.
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