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  1. Because while Philadelphia is really a world class city, in terms of what it has to offer, that I need.. But these are needs, and advisories when living in Philadelphia. NEED : A house in a good area that costs enough money, that the monthly payments on it are considerably high. NEED / Advisory : security systems. ADVISORY: Get a license, get a car and drive even though it can be a pain. ADVISORY : Don't go acting like a fool. Be appropriate out in society. As an adult, a grown ass man, you know what you should and should not do and what is really appropriate and what just simply isn't appropriate. no matter what the FUCK is legal or available. What's legal and available is what the politicians say is.. Think for yourself man. Period. That's how it works. And it worked for a year already for me.
  2. You want a reason to ban me again b!tch ? Here is is... It's coming in the next 30 seconds max.
  3. I owe you absolutely nothing... And you better fucking believe me when I tell ya.. You will get nothing. Kiss my ass... Or go ban me again..because I don't give a fuck.
  4. Go give your mom my phone number, she wanted to suck my dick for the 10th time last night but couldn't reach me by phone.
  5. I do. By the way...ban me again.. I don't give a fuck.
  6. I shall take that as a complement that you don't want to come here and mess around with me because I'm too smart for ya.
  7. I bought.. A.. For the home security. 1 Gun Rack 1 Beretta Px4 Storm Pistol, and 2000 rounds of Ammunitions. 1.Benelli M4 Shotgun and 2,000 Buckshot shells. 1.Beretta Cx4 Storm Carbine and 2000 rounds of ammunition. And 1 weapons grade Katana Sword, ultra sharpened. And 2 Bayonets. An ADT Wireless Home security suite.. *Alarm. *Video and Audio recording doorbell. *Video and Audio surveillance cameras. B....For personal security to carry on my belt. 1 Sabre Pepper spray pistol. 1 Axon Taser 1 Collapsible police baton 1 SOG Knife 1 SOG Multi tool 1 Axon Body camera with video and audio recording 1 Sony Smartphone 1 safelife defense bullet proof vest. C... Locks. 2 Fortress Series extreme security home doors. 2 Nightlock locking door barricades. Bullet proof windows A BulletStop High security garage door, And an Overhead door security grille.. For behind my garage door. And two 20 ft high iron fences with a high security deadbolt... One for the front and back. I'll take care of Philly, that way.
  8. Number 1... When you tell me that the median age of certain populations or countries or societies is 10 years old.. You're not telling me what you think you're telling me. What you are telling me, is that only half their population is surviving past the age of 10.. And that they're uneducated, don't have access to healthcare, likely whatsoever.. Their society might be a corrupt theocracy... And that they're a population of criminals. And that they're very poor and don't have much access to quality food, if at all. And that they sure as hell have NO technology of their own whatsoever. That's what you're really telling me. Number 2. When you tell me that a cruise line owns private islands within a geographical region.. Like the Caribbean.. Again....you're not telling me what you think you're telling me.. You're telling me this.. There is a need for it... So my question is, Whats the need ? Here's the ANSWER. The original ports of call are not good enough.. The tourists need Protection against crime and government corruption... So that the cruise ships have safe places to take tourists and vacationers to.
  9. Based on my chats with right wingers here.. Heres the verdict. You're guilty of Racism. You're guilty of Bigotry. You're guilty of annoying personality. Fuck off !
  10. Because people don't think of freedom when measuring fairness.. They think of their efforts...and way less of mine.
  11. I live next door to people who keep people off of Deathrow, and Re-teach cripples to walk again, and people who sell houses.. How unfair to them do you think it is.. That I go flip hamburgers and dig ditches or help build houses or manufacture small goods and live the same as they because I can do a little bit of business too ? It makes some of them quite angry.
  12. I was then and I am now. To this day, I claim to be the richest mcdonalds short order cook in the world, and the only one on my block. I live here in this nice house on my money, not my variable job skills. A monkey can stock 32 vending machines on Fridays after work at mcdonalds and a Temp agency. My verifiable skills by itself would have me homeless or in a cheap flophouse.
  13. Home 3506 N Dustin Way, Fayetteville, AR 72703 -$359,500 financed through Arvest Bank. Garage. A Brand new Ford Ecosport XLT SUV -Financed through Arvest Bank. A Brand New Trek Bike. Tools for the garage. A John Deere Ride on Lawnmower. Stihl Landscaping and gardening tools. Stanley and Dewalt tools. Furniture. Ashley Workhorse Sectional, Sofa, Loveseat and Recliner. Ashley Blinton 4 piece Entertainment Center. Ashley Bolanburg Bedroom Set with an Ashley Bolanburg TV stand. Ashley Bolanburg Dining room set. Ashley North Shore China cabinet with server and Hutch. Ashley Bolanburg Coffee Table, End tables, Console table, Book Shelves and Desk. A Pulaski foxcroft Curio cabinet. Electronics from Sony and Lenovo. A Sony TV, TV sound system, Bluray and DVD Player, a Playstation 4 and a Stereo. A Lenovo all in one computer, laptop, notebook and tablet. A Canon Printer and Copier combo. Kitchenware. Calphalon small appliances. Calphalon pots, pans and bakeware. Calphalon kitchen cutlery. Calphalon kitchen utensils. Gibson Chinaware, Drinkware and Flatware sets. Housewares. Bissell, Libman and Singer cleaning and laundry supplies. Clothing. Wrangler, Rustler, Dickies and Levis. Reebok and Fila sneakers. Pets. A Malamute puppy and a Siberian Cat.
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