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  1. If not gobbling Trump's tiny cock on the regular makes me an idiot then I shall say I am very happy to wear that badge of honor
  2. I work a physical job, I've trained in martial arts for years, I've trained with weights for years. Generally I'm a bit more masculine than someone who just gobbles Trump's nuts because it's socially acceptable by low key racist white men who date and marry Karen's . Good try though . You truly thought you had me for a second there
  3. No. I'm just not worried about where I am viewed on the social heiarchy by people like you.
  4. He sure is quite shook up about those books coming out. If it's all bullshit and he's such an amazing leader then what does he have to fear? Not very alpha behaviour from the man who is supposedly such a tough guy. What's the excuse this time?
  5. Guess our ancestors should have went back to their own countries instead of coming here and causing the genocide of the native people.
  6. Ohhhhh.. I see. This is the part where you determine if I am a criminal for not voting republican. Sure fire way to catch a bad guy....
  7. Well the LAW evidently said it was okay for him to be. Do I agree with that?Not a hundred percent. It's a lose/lose thing either way but being such a "law abiding citizen" you should understand that
  8. I need to print and frame some of the stupid fucking shit that you bootlickers post on here so I always have a good laugh. "Emperor Trump" lmfao. You can't make this shit up. Life is truly stranger than fiction. If you have already started reproducing, I suggest you should probably stop ASAP.
  9. Trump is the biggest bum to have ever been president. A glorified welfare leech.Living off the blood, sweat and tears of hard working American citizens. His health is in such rapid decline due to 70 plus years of being a sedentary freeloader vegetating on the couch. The sorry sack of shit can't even lift a bottle of water with one hand. Weak, pitiful and pathetic beta cuck piece of shit.
  10. Well he obviously doesn't have to do too much at the moment. He's kicking Trump's bum ass bell to bell and he doesn't even have to try to do so. If it's not broke don't fix it.
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