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  1. It's better with mustard but anyways yes, Trump has quite the kill count and the fact that he shows no remorse whatsoever for all the blood on his hands is very much appalling. Most useless American to have ever existed
  2. You lost all their respect when you admitted to voting for Obama. They saw that and now it's all they can think about. I wish every single president we had from here on out was black just so I could keep seeing these clowns get all up in arms over and over again
  3. Cuck615 is as generic as they come. Wanna make a wager that he wears new balance and listens to kid rock?
  4. I think it's simply karma. Not too long ago Donny boy was encouraging Americans to go out and raise hell.... ..well now hes got it and I can't help but smile. Be careful what you wish for .
  5. This is karma Donny boy. A month ago you were encouraging us whites to go out and raise holy hell with assault rifles and now your fat lazy ass is eating your words. What comes around goes around motherfucker. Karma, it's real as fuck.
  6. That was a bloodchoke. I know it and I think you probably do too. They probably didn't know he had a medical condition but they fucked up with what they did. They all but begged for the shit storm that is now ensuing.
  7. There is no point unless we are talking a regulated combat sport or if you are rightfully defending yourself or your family.
  8. I don't think anyone here is intimidated. Alot of people own guns. They aren't issued just to fans of president dickwad.
  9. I have plenty of family that work in law enforcement. Do you think for one second that a knee to the fucking throat is part of police procedure? Because if you do, you are wrong....again. Good try though tuna boat. Don't fuck with someone who knows what they are talking about. Go stand in the corner somewhere with your head down. Cuck.
  10. Wanna see how good you fare with a knee on your throat? I'm just going to take a wild guess and say not so good. A forearm across the throat is more than enough to put a man to sleep. That dirty cop deserves any bad thing he has coming to him
  11. Donny boy. The fact he put everything on the governor's only solidified what I've been saying for a while. He is only president for the free ride. Absolute joke of a human being.
  12. The people who think what happened to George Flynn is okay are bonafide right wing beta cuckholds. Anyone who knows shit about hand to hand combat knows you don't do what that cop did unless your intent is to end a man's life
  13. Forgot all about duck. He is about as generic as they come. The guy is just a bum
  14. Trump has never done shit. That's why people everywhere are dropping like flies. Trump is a bum.
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