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  1. Damn, rubber Ducky...That was quite the retort. Now I'm going to have to chop off my dick and vote REPUBLISCUM. Do you write professionally?
  2. I left it in the rain and it soaked in to give the TRUE MEANING of a SHIT FLAG!!!
  3. Your writing talent is awe inspiring, rubber Ducky.
  4. Good luck with that Midnight Maxipad. Lispy Lindsey should stick to sucking scrotumface MOSCOW MITCH and the FAT ORANGE TURD'S twin "mushroom dick's". ALL YOU FAT ORANGE TURD LOVING RUBES ARE FUCKING DELUSIONAL I hope you ALL get TRUMPVIRUS AND DIE!!!
  5. Poor rubber Ducky... Life licking the FAT ORANGE TURD must be bitter.
  6. The FAT ORANGE TURD'S next stunt is blaming TRUMPVIRUS on OBAMAGATE. And the MAGA RUBES will shout it from the mountain tops. I want ALL FAT ORANGE TURD LOVING RUBES to go to church on Sunday, open 'em up...Praise the LOAD!!! HUG, KISS, and CELEBRATE that TRUMPVIRUS IS OVER!!! CONGREGATE WITHOUT MASKS...ALL YE FAITHFUL (ASSHOLES)!!!
  7. The turtlefaced piece if shit needs a big spore of TRUMPVIRUS to invade his elderly shell...And drop dead. The most WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT ON EARTH not known as the FAT ORANGE TURD.
  8. Hey look... The Midnight Maxipad changing my quote. FUCK OFF, COCK LICK.
  9. No link... 123 Gomer Goebbels could have written that pap.
  10. And you know this how, DITZ? Did 123 Gomer Goebbels tell you?
  11. AGAIN...I'm NOT THE FUCKING PRESIDENT. But, I would have READ AND PAID ATTENTION to the PDB's and took action. PLEASE...Be useful...Go show your tits to a RIGHTARD.

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