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  1. A jury will convict them all, the only thing in question is if the judge will have the courage to put Chauvin away for the maximum. Have you noticed the racial mix of the law abiding protesters? It's pissed off Americans of all colors. This is the greatest thing I've seen in this country since the big anti-Vietnam war demonstrations of the late 60's and early 70's. People across the country are as pissed off right now as we were over the Kent State and Jackson State killings in 1970. When Neil Young performs "Ohio" at concerts he's just as infuriated about it as the day he wrote it. I haven't felt this good about this country in a long, long time. And the more Trump calls law abiding protesters "thugs", and the more he threatens to use the military to end the demonstrations, the more trouble he's making for himself in November. It's a direct violation of First Amendment rights protecting the people's right to free expression from a mentally ill autocrat in the White House. Lastly, beginning with Seattle tonight, Mayors around the country will begin lifting curfews.
  2. Wrong. The protests started because of the viciousness of the murder. The country watched this man murdered right before our eyes. Eight minutes and forty six seconds of torture, the last two minutes of which showed a dying George Floyd unconscious and unresponsive. Second degree murder with a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison. and aiding and abetting a murder. They're all going down. You right handjobs can't stop it.
  3. Well...you're a liar, an idiot, or probably both. Murder 3 charges were filed against Chauvin within days of the firing of Chauvin and his three accomplices. And just for your information, taking into account your limited recall powers, today the charges against Chauvin were upgraded to Murder 2. And also today Thomas Lane, 37, J. Alexander Kueng, 26, and Tou Thao, 34, were charged with aiding and abetting a murder. The charges against Chauvin were upgraded to facilitate charges against the other three, which would not be possible with the murder 3 charge against Chauvin. Don't be a fucking idiot.
  4. There you go again lying your ass off like your president. From Worldometers.info, respected source for all sorts of statistical information... Covid-19 deaths per 1 million population to date: Germany 104 USA. 329 Your death percentages are per those infected. My numbers are per total population...the numbers that actually matter since the total number of those infected, particularly in this country, is a utter guess. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries And of course there is your inane accusation of mayors and governors working on ways to get more people infected. If there are any governors who are going to get more people infected it's idiot red state governors like Ron DeSantis. But Trump saved a whole 230 American lives, eh Einstein? Well...maybe, but I kinda fucking doubt it.
  5. It appears the Minneapolis PD disagrees with you as Chauvin and the three other perps were summarily fired the next day. And if The Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis had a problem with this firing you know they would be raising holy hell over it...and the POF is not. Accepted form of restraint, my ass.
  6. First of all she's a woman, not a girl you christian supremacist incel fantasizing misogynist pig. Second of all rightwingjob women posting on no-holds-barred don't get to hide behind their panty liners like you are.
  7. Angela Merkel had all the same information out of China as Trump had. Two differences between them, among the hundreds of differences are: 1. Merkel is a scientist, Trump is a TeeVee reality show host. 2. Merkel is not a vote whore who will say or do anything required to hold on to his bigot base of support. So since she did not have a rabid base to keep satisfied with promises of only buying home grown products, Merkel went out on the international markets the day she was made aware of the looming pandemic and purchased W.H.O. approved corona virus test kits. Germans began being tested immediately and those who tested positive had contact tracing Investigations started immediately. While, for two months,Trump sat with his thumb up his ass saying it will go away when the weather warms up. The deaths per million population in The US continues to run at three times the rate per million population in Germany. Yes...Trump is responsible.
  8. Republicans are whores, sucking the orange shitgibbon's little dicky for a tax refund.
  9. Don't forget your panty liners, girlfriend. It must be so embarrassing leaving a trail of slime like a slug.
  10. Actually I am sort of hoping that Chauvin feels something. The feeling of one of the brothers stuffing a shiv into his neck. But it's gotta be into the neck.
  11. That's whi I prefaced my comment with "on the context of this discussion." This discussion is about Chauvin's legal exposure. We are not taking about the possibility that Chauvin is feeling guilty. I don't give a shit in your hat about this racist prick's feelings. Who the fuck cares how he's feeling. All that matters is his ass being dragged into court and that he is found guilty and he gets the maximum time for the crime he is charged with. Criminal proceedings determine if he is innocent or guilty. There's something really wrong with you.
  12. “I’ve really never seen anything like this”: Reporters and news photographers describe being roughed up, arrested and shot with projectiles while covering demonstrations across the country. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/01/business/media/reporters-protests-george-floyd.html Plenty of reporters beaten by cops at the 1968 DNC. Including John Evans of NBC News. How interesting, a black reporter beaten by white cops.
  13. Nice thread. WTF? There's a chat room in this joint, no? Chauvin is going to prison. Right wing media and right wing handjobs on internet forums can't stop it with their autopsies and their missing video. You can tell from the video we have all seen that the witnesses were horrified by what Chauvin was doing to George Floyd. And it's just how horrified a jury is going to be. And just one more time about the official ME autopsy. It's an autopsy...it's one piece of evidence in a trial. When fighting words are spoken on a street corner, one guy shoves the other guy back out of his face, the other guy goes down, and has a compound fracture in his forearm. In the hospital, a blood clot from his arm goes to his coronary artery and he dies of a coronary thrombosis. He died of complications of the attack on the street. And the guy who shoved him is going to trial. For murder 2, or manslaughter, or maybe if he's lucky, involuntary manslaughter, which sounds like murder 3 in Minnesota. But he's going down for something. The difference is Chauvin didn't shove a guy who tripped and broke his neck. This racist pig Chauvin spent 8:46 torturing George Floyd with his knee crushing his larynx. It's not a guy who fell down in a street tussle. The motherfucker is going down. And the other three are going to be prosecuted for whatever the Minnesota criminal version of depraved indifference might be, and going right down with him.
  14. Guilty and innocent are legal terms, at least in the context of this discussion. Nobody is guilty or innocent who hasn't been through a trial and had a ruling of guilt or innocence from a jury or a judge in a bench trial.
  15. Not the reports from clergy that I've seen. The pelting with water bottles didn't start until after the flash bangs, after the rubber bullets, and after what the victims of this cop aggression reported was tear gas. I'm going with the reports from the clergy. They know lying is a sin.
  16. I don't despise president Trump. I despise Donald Trump. As I have despised him for the better part of four decades. You people who genuflect before Donald Trump are either to ignorant to know, or too disinterested in understanding, what a completely low side operating grifter he has been for forty years or, you don't care because there might be something in it for you having a malicious pedophile in charge of the country. This second part makes you even worse than him. Ya see, trump is utterly and completely emotionally disorganized and disabled. He can't be any other way. He's too fucked up to be any other way. You people? For you, it's a choice. And when you choose for him, it makes you even more despicable than him.
  17. Ya think? She barely qualifies as a human-fucking being...as our drill instructor said to us every day.
  18. Y'know what, Mack. Whoever TF you are...fuck off. I managed to find a video of the schutzstaffel wading into a group of lawn abiding citizens and clergy. It was pretty disgusting. Go fucking find it...it and others like it are out there. Then come back here and make excuses for it and for your asshole president. Un-fucking believable.
  19. FOXNEWS: A group of law abiding protesters along with members of the Episcopal diocese were driven out of Lafayette Square by police using teargas, flash bangs, and rubber bullets. The group was not marching or protesting, they had gathered there to rest and relax with each other when they were attacked by police because it Trump wanted him and picture taken in front of St. John's and this group was in his way. They were not in violation of the curfew which did not begin for anothe half hour. Fucking FOXNEWS good enough for you?
  20. We have a diagnostic category for the likes of you, Max. And it's a category filled with those who never get better.
  21. The asshole is calling anybody "weak" who does not identify all protesters, law abiding or not, as "thugs." Fuck him and his goddamn fucking photo op at St. John's Episcopal Church in DC. And fuck the thug members of his criminal enterprise administration who joined him in the photos. On second thought, fuck them if they joined him or not. Law abiding protesters and members of the clergy, teargassed and shot up with rubber bullets and flash bangs in Lafayette Square to clear out the area a half hour before curfew for this asshole's fucking photo op. "A riot is the language of the unheard." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  22. Want a quick lesson in how to spot a trumper? When their lips move it's whataboutism. So I thought I made a pretty reasonable non-aggressive post above, with some points for a little reasonable discussion. And you chose to ignore it. Fine...we're back to the culture war. Like you were ever looking for anything else.
  23. Of course there's data. Per capita data. The question is, do you actually care about the data? Or are we going to start debating about the quality of each other's data. You're gonna piss all over my police misconduct data from PBS. And I'm gonna take a giant dump on your data from The Heritage Foundation. Refusing to accept the other person's fucked up data. So it always ends up as it should. It's opinion. Your side's opinion vs. my side's opinion. Because it's a war for the culture, Jim. Seems to me we can at least agree on that.
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