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  1. You do understand ducky, that Trump is into the Russian oligarchs for hundreds of millions of dollars, possible billions after they bailed him out on his four bankruptcies. Even the hundreds of millions Deutschebank loaned him in his late 1990's billion dollar bankruptcy found the paper being bought by a combine of Russian oligarchs. He has at least $479,000,000 coming due shortly after the first of the year. So he's not gonna do anything to cross these guys, including making the Russian bounty an issue, when they have him over a barrel. And then there's the prosecutions for fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, and all sorts of other malfeasance that the DOJ will never go after him for while he's president. So on January 20, 2021, when he's not president anymore, the one place he knows he can go where the new DOJ and various State Attorney's General can, and will go after him is....RUSSIA!!! It's gonna be fun when he flees the country for Moscow and the only room he can get for being Putin's fat-cellulite-ridden-ass rentboi for the past four years is right down the hall from Ed Snowden's apartment.
  2. You stupid fuck...I'm retired. I don't need a fucking job with the portfolio we have, numbnuts.
  3. Here's what's factual. The media keeps saying that Trump did this because Russian interference in November is his only hope for staying in office. Wrong. What it's really about is that Trump knows he's not gonna be in office after January 20, 2021. He also knows that the new DOJ is going to be all over him for his criminal activity while he was in office, and he won't have the "president can't be indicted" DOJ memos to protect him anymore. And he's also going to have the Attorney General of the state of New York, the Attorney General of the State of New Jersey, the Attorney General of the State of Florida, and who knows how many other state and local prosecutors up his ass for everything he's done his whole life. So he's going to need someplace to go hide where nobody can get him...and that place is Russia. He's already into the Russians for hundreds of millions of dollars from his fucking bankruptcies in the 1990's, and the Russian oligarchs know they'll never get their money back if he's in prison. Hell...maybe they'll give him the room down the hall from Ed Snowden's place. BWAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAH!!!
  4. Nice rant numbnuts. I had a hundred court mandated clients like you, coming in every week for the anger management skills training. Still beating the wife for burning the toast?
  5. Science is for teaching in science class. Genesis is for teaching in fucking church, numbnuts.
  6. And that's why when I'm king there won't be any local control over public schools. So we're teaching Genesis in public school science class in North Carolina (and Kansas, and Mississippi, and Alabama, etc., etc. And then we're too fucking stupid to figure out how our kids can be getting their asses handed to them on a plate in math and science, by kids from Japan, Korea, and the EU.
  7. So in this country, we got Trump, we got congressional Republicans, and we got an electorate half full of the likes of you. If it hadn't been founded with slavery still in place, I might have been tempted to say that it once was a great country.
  8. Perhaps that cross you're wearing oughta be an unacceptable item in the school dress policies you think oughta be allowed.
  9. So Trump is all miffed and his widdow feewings are so hurwt that Lt.Col. Vindman responded to the call to testify to the US House impeachment inquiry, that he is now attempting to interfere with Vindman's promotion. Retribution abounds. And then there was Nelson Mandela... The fish rots from the head. And this country is neck deep in the mentality of retaliation.
  10. Feh. The only people who believe this shit are trumper base inhabitants like you. Former Intelligence officials scoff at White House denials that Trump wasn't briefed on Russia bounty
  11. Wow! You're really something! Illeism and echolalia. Reckon you have the eurotophobia as well.
  12. You're a raging illeist every day on this forum. Or you're unclear on the concept.
  13. Mother of Marine killed in Afghanistan demands answers amid Russian bounty allegations
  14. Unless Esper provides assurances that Vindman's name will remain on the promotions list. https://www.politico.com/amp/news/2020/07/02/tammy-duckworth-alexander-vindman-military-nominees-348183
  15. If you're gonna lay it all out, your president gets laid out right along with the rest if it.
  16. That's all you dickweeds ever have to say about it. Because, along with everything else, it's none of your fucking business. Maybe we will stay, maybe not. When the Democrats win the administrative and legislative branches, there's probably not gonna be any pressure to go. And as things look worse and worse for Donald and the GOP, what has the pedophile decided to do? Double down and set himself on fire. Good...just what any actual good American wants to see.
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