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  1. The nice thing here is this will go all the way up to the Supreme Court, and we all know how that worked for Democrats in 2000.
  2. Wrong. Health insurance is for responsible people who put it before the unnecessary stuff. So why didn't you have health insurance when your pre-existing conditions happened? When you started your business, could you not keep your old insurance? Trump has fulfilled his promise to stop the takeover of ObamaCare. That's plenty.
  3. https://www.statista.com/statistics/937352/eating-out-average-spend-by-age-us/ In Washington State, prior to the ACA, pre-existing conditions could only be used to exclude coverage if you were uninsured at the time of your condition. If you, for example, switched employers and, by extension, insurance then it doesn't matter. As long as you were continuously covered, pre-existing conditions are irrelevant. So why weren't you insured before your "pre-existing" condition?
  4. a smart phone isn't. neither is a nice car. netflix, high speed internet, cable tv or sattelite. the average american spends $3000 a year dining out. is that indispensable too? theres your health insurance premium right there bubba.
  5. Looks like the trend started before the ACA began and bankruptcies still hasn't returned the the level they were before Obama take office. Sounds like a good reason to get health insurance. If you're prioritizing your nice car and iPhone over health insurance, I guess you're asking for trouble.
  6. Fight this all the way to the SCOTUS and sue the shit out of the police and prosecutor once the charge is dropped
  7. skews13 is a perpetually unhappy person. Living with your mom until she dies tends to make you bitter. he still checks on things over here. he knows I found his Facebook Its not there any more. i hope revealing the total pathetic ness of a persons life isnt doxxing since I didn’t reveal his name
  8. you da boss bubba. just know skews13’s life is so tragically pathetic given how he acts it’s tempting.
  9. he's a 60 year old alcoholic "retired" teacher. he's just an unhappy person.
  10. I just can’t believe his people didn’t catch this. I imagine he might miss the words in a treaty that would give Washington to Canada or Arizona to Mexico, but his handlers shouldn’t.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x10aNZalq-Y Jesus Christ if this guy won he'd go to his inauguration and start a campaign speech.
  12. It's gotten even better. Is Skews13 still entitled to member protection? I've seen pictures of the guy. I'm not even sure he has teeth.🤣
  13. This is basically it. When the Big Bang happened we, or at least the matter we're made of, was right there.
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