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  1. 1You lie like a rug. 2. You’re a bullshitter. 3. Why is it a natural answer? Wouldn’t I don’t know be the natural answer. You are as bright as a dim bulb, retard. You know philosophy like you know Trump won the election. Which means you’re full of shit, shitty nurse.
  2. No, dumb fuck. My free thinking unlocked my chains while your “free will” keeps you in chains. You are too frightened not to believe in god.
  3. You are presupposed to think your choices will lead you to heaven or hell. That’s not free will. That’s indoctrination.
  4. He killed his own son bcuz of his fuck ups. He’s a narcissistic motherfucker.
  5. ^^^^another moron. Read the whole thread, asswipe. Already dealt with.
  6. I have a conscience but that’s got nothing to do with God.
  7. He developed it in utero and as he was growing up. Don’t you know how brains develop?
  8. I’m good bcuz it is in my best interests to be good. The golden rule I got from Confucius.
  9. No, free thinking at its finest. For free will to work you must not have any presuppositions.
  10. Do you mean , getting her in the mood? I just mean fucking her.
  11. Why? The God of the Bible is a narcissist and a killer. The only difference I see is that one actually ever existed.
  12. It’s alright once in a while as long as you’re not prone to addiction. I share a 500mg thc chocolate bar with my wife when we really want to get freaky. Hell, I even eat her pussy those nights bcuz I get creative.
  13. “It is not my place to say what God should or should not do”. Replace God with Stalin and you sound like a frightened man.
  14. Who says o still don’t go to church? My wife and I attend church. Bcuz it would break my parent’s heart if o told them. See that is the stigma atheists must endure bcuz free will does not exist.
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