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  1. He did cooperate, you useless pustule. Asking why you are being detained and going to be handcuffed is your right as an American to ask.
  2. Why? So you can try to justify pistol whipping a guy several times and strangling him for thirty seconds after the fact. The video clearly shows the defenseless man is down and on this stomach with his hands out when he was pistol whipped. Fuck off, bootlicker.
  3. Well, the cop is charged. Btw, police should have self control. Did you see any self control that the cop exhibited? If the camera, it was his body cam, pretty sure of that? But I will check. If there was no camera that cop would have shot the defenseless man. Count on that, bootlicker.
  4. ^^^^small dicks ain’t my bag, whale shit. White pussy is all I like Something about my dark skin and my wife’s pale skin drives us wild. She loves climbing on and bouncing off my black anaconda while standing.
  5. Even the police chief said it is unacceptable. You try to make excuses for police brutality.
  6. I saw the man asking why? Then I saw him face down that’s when the cop pistol whipped him. Bootlicking makes a person blind. Now we know what your problem is, assbreath.
  7. No mandate yet. Your link says as much. Not to worry, tge Union will get their way.
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