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  1. There was a point. You ignore it bcuz you are lacking intellectually. No, Gulpboy, you’re just stupid.
  2. It was supposed to be a prop gun. You sure know a whole lot about what happened.
  3. ^^^^Cannot argue the point and reverts to ad hominem attack.
  4. You’re real Christ-like, huh Gulpboy. We’ll find out soon if it was an accident or not.
  5. Free will is a Theological myth. Rejecting him would mean they believe he exists. Why would it be interesting? You don’t know what I look like. More stupid logic from Gulpboy.
  6. I was never defending Baldwin. I defend all people in accidental shootings. I did say Baldwin was liable. Baldwin’s misery makes you giddy?
  7. We always have. Children need to be vaccinated when attending public schools.
  8. You don’t. Free thinking and your idea of free will are not the same. Free thinking is devoid of any God and makes reason priority. Ypu might think you have free will but your decisions are based on your eternal soul. How is that free will? i
  9. It’s called free thinking. Your idea of free will is horseshit bcuz you have none. But I got it.
  10. And you’re looking for gratification and entitlement bcuz your life sucks on earth. God is immoral, asswipe. He’s into genocide, slavery, extortion, self-aggrandizing, narcissism, and eternal torture. No thanks.
  11. Reject him is vague. How can I reject something if it doesn’t exist? Rejection would mean he exists and I don’t give a shit about him. Thank you for making it so easy to debunk your horseshit.
  12. I’ve never said he said anything. He voted correctly and that’s good enough for me. If he thought Sanders had wmds and still voted against it, he’s looks even better.
  13. I don’t live in the ghetto. No addicts you know of. I’ll bet you know at least one alcoholic. I help people while you shit on them. You bet we are totally different and if there were a God, I’d thank him. Suck it!
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