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  1. Cuz your neighbors should be aware of the situation right away. Cuz it shouldn’t just be your word.
  2. You can own a gun. But nothing to silence that gun. I’m ok with that.
  3. Easier to dispose of a body too. Two birds one stone. You’re aware of the risks of owning a gun before you buy one
  4. Agree with everything you wrote. You’re the most insightful con around here.
  5. What accountability? In the next life? There is no evidence in the next life. on Earth, Christians are not held accountable by religion, the law holds you to account. And if all you have to do is invoke Jesus as king bef you die and you get saved. My actions are accountable to the people around me not Jesus.
  6. Why would you need a silencer unless you’re hiding a murder?
  7. Resisting arrest is resisting arrest. White folks get the kid glove treatment so they expect it every time. White privilege.
  8. White person with guns resisting arrest. Not even a mention of discharging a taser. White privilege must be nice.
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