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  1. joe - record job openings don - record low unemployment joe - high inflation don - minimal inflation joe - clusterfuck at border don - secure border joe - record criminal behavior don - normal criminal behavior joe - gas up 50% don - steady gas prices joe - Covid out of control with 3 vaccines don - Operation Warpspeed, developed 3 vaccines joe - clusterfuck pulling out of Afghanistan don - negotiated withdrawal but wasn't re-elected to administer yep, Joe is crushing it...need I go on?
  2. Is this where I act like I'm impressed?
  3. Why are Democrats so consumed with hatred for anyone who doesn’t agree with them? it speaks volumes...
  4. What's there to negotiate? joe's clusterfuck of an administration says it all...
  5. The biden regime is all about division as he's drawn the line in the sand...
  6. 272,000 dead under joe's watch beavis, and that's with three (3j vaccines...Joe sure dropped it dead in it's tracks, eh beavis? BTW crybaby, WTF you doing here? shouldn't you be in Scotland scanning the skies for Trump's jet?
  7. Ya, like doubling down on Oklahomans dying of ivermectin overdoses? FUCKOFF...you miserable prick....
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